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03-22-2011, 08:20 PM
Some movies have a tendency to freeze when I stream them from a network drive. It happens always in the same place in the movie which I would guess means that there probably are some errors in the movie files. But when I copy the same movie file to an USB stick I can watch it problem free. I donīt either have freezing problems when I stream the same movies with a PC using VLC.
Is this just a bug in the firmware or could this be caused by something else? Are there any methods / programs which could be used for checking the movie files (and possibly correct the errors?)

I am using BDP7500b2/12 and have 1.53 firmware

03-24-2011, 05:58 AM
Dear omjp,

The DLNA can be affected by several factors:

1. The connection used (Wi-Fi or Wired), Wi-fi will obviously have some disadvantages:
2. The number of devices that are connected to the same router, the bandwidth will be shared by all connected devices.
3. The device that has the greatest signal strength will be given the larger share of the bandwidth (Wi-Fi behavior).
4. The signal strength is affected by the distance to the router and obstructions.
5. The type of router (e.g., b/g/n Wi-fi, n will provide the highest bandwidth).
6. The media file itself can have some issues.

To further understand your problem, we would like to ask you more questions on the file and the procedure. Kindly check your mail box.

Thank you

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05-16-2011, 08:56 AM
Perhaps an old thread, but still interesting as it si not solved yet. Are your movies in the .AVI format? If so, I have reported the issue to Philips. It is part of the DLNA implementation of at least BDP8000, and may very well be the case for the 7500 as well.

I have the exact same problem with .AVI and the fact that streaming 1080P .MKV works clearly indicate that the factors 1-5 that Phlips point out are not part of the problem. The fact that the same clip works off a USB drive eliminates 6 as well, which only leaves the player's ability to receive .AVI over the network.

When I have tried Twonkyvision 6.0.32 on a PC, .AVI works without freezes on my BPD8000, but that is of little help as no NAS on the market comes with such a new version of Twonky. I do believe Philips are working on this as they have been able to reproduce the problem, so I am hopefull we will see a solution to this in a future SW update.

05-16-2011, 04:02 PM
I'm experiencing the same problem when playing AVIs streamed from my NAS on my BDP5180 with firmware 1.54.
The same movies will just play fine when copied to an USB device. On the other hand full HD MKV with 1080p just play fine, so it's not an issue of my network.
Another fact which solidifies this statement and assumtion that the issue is caused by a bad firmware is the fact that my Philips 42PFL7655 plays the same AVI-files just fine without any freezing when streamed over the network.
Please Philips, give us a better firmware or at least the statement that something is in progress in order to fix the bugs since they are are known for quite some time now.