View Full Version : [Wish] 3D LED logo light control.

Paulo Roberto Elias
04-27-2011, 05:31 PM
The 3D logo on the BDP8000 lights up as soon as the player is turned on but goes off shortly thereafter. Later it will go on again as soon as soon as a disc is ejected and go off again when a new disc is inserted and played.

Since my system is 2D I am not sure if the logo light is associated with 3D playback. Sadly, the manual does not even mention the 3D logo LED.

At any rate, the small LED illumination is indeed quite useful for disc loading, especially when the player's disc slot is not at eye level, which is often the case. It is a pity that the LED will go off right after the player's start-up routine, making the first disc insertion harder to load.

I presume that keeping the LED on after the player is turned on and until the first disc is inserted is feasible via a firmware modification. Ideally, there should be a control in the player's setup so that users can choose not to turn the light on before a disc is inserted or otherwise.

I wish that Philips programmers may consider this as a suggestion for future firmware updates. Thanks!

Paulo Roberto Elias
04-28-2011, 10:19 AM
An update to my previous posting:

I recently updated my player to firmware version 1.56 and I hadn't noticed that the 3D logo was still on after the player startup routine finished. Apparently, the LED status changed but I could not find a control option to that effect in the setup section. If there was a programming error of sorts before and it was corrected, fine. At any rate I still don't know what is the purpose of the illuminated logo, except that it is understandable that it will go off upon disc playback.