View Full Version : Question about the auto volume leveler

05-01-2011, 01:10 AM
Hi. I have the Philips model 22PFL4505D. It's great.

I have a question about the auto volume leveling (AVL) that you can set on and off in the sound menu area.

I understand the purpose of it is to keep the volume relatively even when you change channels or when commercials come on.

I notice that when I set the auto volume leveling to "on" that the sound right away gets a little louder and actually sounds a little better... like it is a better sound quality (I have a 2.1 speaker set plugged into the headphone jack).

For example, my TV has a number of EQ presets (all of which do not have the AVL set on by default). If I take one of them, or create my own personal EQ, and set the AVL to "on", the sound gets noticeably louder and nicer sounding. Why does it do that... what is going on there?

Also, sometimes I notice if I have the AVL on, it will cause audio volume level fluctuations during the watching of a show. Not all the time but sometimes it is really noticeable... is that just the way AVL is... it will do it whenever a sound gets out of hand in its opinion?