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05-09-2011, 11:03 AM
Good morning everyone!Just hang up the phone with Customer Care Of Philips Greece:( .The problem is that on a 42PFL9803H/10 with MPEG4 HD receiver the TV is unable to receive DTT signals that are transmitted in Greece(ERT HD).On the phone one of the representatives (I spoke with 2 of them!) told me that Philips in Greece considers this model to be an MPEG2 only!!!Regardless of the fact that it is equiped with a MPEG4 HD tuner that is being activated only when I choose the country of installation to be Spain-Finland-France-Norway-Sweden-Denmark:mad:!!!So no support on this TV whatsoever!!!If I choose Greece, MPEG2 is activated and MPEG4 is deactivated!!!The other hilarius thing is that this model is unable to receive both MPEG2 and MPEG4!!!Can somebody tell me if anybody has a similar problem?

05-09-2011, 11:32 AM
Hi Jim, what do you consider as support? You say "zero" support, while you received an answer from Philips! Maybe it's not the answer you expected, but they did answer your questions....

You buy a TV without looking in the leaflet? The leaflet clearly states: "Ready for digital: • MPEG4 HDTV reception via DVB-T and DVB-Cable tuner* where the asterisk stands for: * DVB-T MPEG4 only for: France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. DVB-C MPEG4 only for selected providers: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden".

05-09-2011, 02:26 PM
You don't seem to get the point of my post!The post has to do with the lack of support on the firmware side of the TV that Philips decides not to upgrade!When I bought the TV i had made sure that it is DVB-T MPEG 4 compliant (since MPEG4 has the same specs all around Europe,right?).Shouldn't Philips upgrade their firmware according to the changes that are made at the countries TV broadcast system in which they sell TV's?Isn't this what aftersales support is all about?Quick adaptability to the customers needs?MPEG4 has been in Greece from the 24/9/09.Is it insane to ask for support on MPEG4 on TV's that are compatible?

05-10-2011, 12:03 PM
I also agree that there is no reason to cripple a device in firmware, once the hardware is there. Since it is an H model (that has an mpeg4 decoder), there should be a way to activate it in any country the user wishes.

Unblocking the hardware the owner has paid for, is the *least* that Philips should do.

05-10-2011, 01:26 PM
Unblocking the hardware the owner has paid for, is the *least* that Philips should do.

Well, if i got this whole thread right, everyone knews that the TV has DVB-T MPEG4 only in a few countries, for the rest its MPEG2. So either you have bought it and ignored this fact (maybe with hoping that this will be changed by firmware someday) or you have bought it without considering it neccessary as by this time there was no MPEG4 in your Country.

In both ways, no one kept away from you "what you paid for", you paid for the features, shown in the Spec sheets, in the manual, on the back-side of the TV. You paid for MPEG4 in some Countries and for MPEG2 in most of the others.

Dont get me wrong, i totally agree with you that i see no reason to keep the feature only for few countries, as the hardware is capable of. I absolutly can not understand why there is such blocking.

But when i buy a TV with MEPG2 in DVB-T for Germany, sure i can hope for an Update but i can not blame Philips for the fact that there is no MPEG4 support in Germany.

05-10-2011, 02:02 PM
Well, Philips is notorious for misinforming customers. It was known in Greece from 2008 that the broadcasts will be in mpeg4, and this is why the H models appeared in the Greek market (instead of the D models that were sold in 2007). The TV was advertised as having mpeg4 from Philips, (the same was done by other brands also), but nobody told customers that mpeg4 was crippled by firmware.

The same happened with my 9705: if you see the leaflet, it states that EPG works in selected countries. But there is no list anywhere what these countries are. When I bought the TV and saw no EPG (IP & DVB-T) and complained to Philips, they told me to wait, and that a firmware that fixes EPG for 2010 & 2009 is pending. This was September 2010.
Until today, this firmware has not yet been released.

05-11-2011, 12:20 PM
@ a_Tom if you read the third post i mention that i had under consideration the fact that MPEG 4 is "on the way" so I made sure I had the thing covered since the specs of the MPEG4 transmition had already been published and it matched!I bought the TV 3 months earlier from the first broadcast!I just believe that Philips as a consumer targeted company should be more consumer friendly!Instead after almost 2 years of MPEG 4 in Greece no firmware update, activates MPEG4 when Greece is selected as the country of installation so I don't have costumer support!!Why?Maybe it's because they have decided that various models are out of date?I'm not asking for support on a 15 years old set,but for a two year set!On the phone they had told me that if I want to resolve this problem I i'd better go and buy an external MPEG4 receiver!Hell no!!!