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05-13-2011, 10:42 PM
is the strategy Philips television division clearly follows when delivering televisions and firmware updates.

This is a conclusion after 8 months pfl7605, having all firmwares installed and having read this forum almost daily.

The advantages of the strategy are clear: fast time to market (eg. being the first with open internet), free beta-testers, and enough money to provide patches and fixes later on. That's why this strategy is used by companies like Google and Social Network Sites when introducing new features. Mostly these are beta releases (the user expects bugs) and more important: they are free. No user will really complain.

The differences with Philips TVs/firmwares are obvious: a television is an expensive unit in the living room. The user is a paying customer. When spending additional money for features like USB playing, s/he expects it playing not only in rare cases. More important most customers don't want to be beta-testers of firmwares to find bugs that every Quality Assurance department of an avarage ICT company would have found in their first regression test.

My wife and I just tried to watch a movie via USB. As we already watched the first hour a week ago, we decided to forward, a wise decision? 38 minutes later we are at the point we ended last time. My wife don't want to watch the movie anymore. I decide to watch it alone. After 10 minutes the movie stops suddenly and the next movie starts playing.

A response like: Can you please provide us with the exact model and firmware you are using? What is the format of the movie, can you send us a sample of the movie? will make things worse.

The real problem is that the firmware development team (or developer) isn't capable or allowed to implement normal navigation features or supporting other codecs. Maybe these features will be propagated on the next tv models marketing site of Philips (TPV).

I think we've to live with the fact that this generation televisions is crappy.
But don't stop dreaming. One day you'll open this forum and read: We are proud to announce our next firmware v1.100.1.1. bla bla and there is a Now & Next feature !!!!!!!!!!


05-14-2011, 01:11 PM
For years my tv have been only a dumb crt screen. As everybody.

With dvb-t, it was time to replace it. And logically, I tougth myself, oh maybe the tv could become intelligent ! Then I choosed one with ethernet connectivity, dlna et tralala.

And it is just a false idea. An intelligent TV is just bullshit (after two month of usage). Just like a gadget. I didn't by a tv to play tetris online. And this what is available.

With the 'smart' TV, you will be forever prisonner of the manufacturer. Will it be IPV6 ready one day ? Never! Will it accept new codecs ? Never ! Will it implement news specs if something new is added to DNLA ? No ! Can you do something yourself ? No !

So my mind have just enterily changed now : move all the functionalities into a box YOU control. Use your TV as DUMB TERMINAL, because manufacturers will never be able to integrate a simple thing as VLC player or XBMC.

Don't be fooled with sputid services like nettv that you can provide yourself. Buy a display with tuner capabilities and buy a computer.


05-14-2011, 03:56 PM
It seems that I am one of the rare Net TV users on this forum that dears to say that I really enjoy Net TV!
I love fact that the latest news is always available. Watching programs on demand is fantastic!
I frequently use the simple Apps like Buienrader or Nu.NL. I have fun to explore Net TV, there are so many apps!
I have added several apps from foreign countries to my Net TV homepage because I like them.
Yesterday I watched Daily Motion. There are some real funny movies in there, I am surprised with the good quality of many of these video’s.

I have a Wii gameconsole. The Wii also has open internet access and it supports Flash.
Conclusion: Despite Flash, browsing the open internet on a TV is not ideal. You would love to be able just to click on icons of custom made applications for TV….oeps, that is Net TV!

I get the impression some people expect the TV to beat your PC in internet performance.
No one ever told them that it would or could. The Philips TV’s still have the 15-pole VGA connector, so you can also use it as a big computer monitor, you can connect all the computer power you like.

05-15-2011, 09:19 AM
@Jessy, Franck: Fully agree with your comments. We also use the apps in NetTV to watch missed TV Broadcasts. It's great to have the abilitiy to watch broadcasted programmes anytime, anywhere.
The point I tried to make is that this all-in-one consumer product is put into market with no respect to consumers who become betatesters of the features (where the last 4 firmwares tried to solve basic tv watching issues like sound-loss).
When a company like Hyves add buggy features and come with patches and fixes later on the road, that's not a problem. However when a TV or a car manufacturer follow this strategy it'll become a differenct story.

The main reason my wife and I bought this television is the ability of open internet and USB playing, without having the need of an additional medaplayer in the bedroom (and no additional remote or even a programmable remote). Net TV alike apps were also offered by other TV brands and were no main differentiator to choose choose for Philips.

In the meantime we found out that many basic features are missing and that's not the speed of the internet. Fast forwarding and rewinding is a simple feature which a customer expects when a device is capable of playing a movie. The same is a now-next feature when watching TV. A user may expect a more advanced feature like the support of external subtitles or GoTo functionality when playing movies, but that user should have double read the feature list (among that list of users is also myself).

The crappy implementation and support are the things about which we are disappointed in the brand Philips. And these are the things being discussed at parties with friends or at work with colleagues.


05-15-2011, 03:25 PM
One of the biggest problems of Philips, is their software: they want to have control on things they are not authorised to have control.

Look here for example: http://www.supportforum.philips.com/showthread.php?1508-Zero-support-on-42PFL9803H-10-from-Philips-Greece!!
An user has paid a TV with mpeg4 hardware, 2 years ago. But when the mpeg4 broadcasts come on his TV, he discovered that there is a software lock for his country, and he is not allowed to use the mpeg4 decoder he has paid for.

Or look at the last firmware release notes: http://www.supportforum.philips.com/showthread.php?1539-Your-experiences-with-FW-v0.140.36.0-for-8000-and-9000-series-%282010-models%29&p=6748&viewfull=1#post6748
"Enable Latvia as full DVB-T country."

Who gave the right to Philips to pronounce countries as "full DVB-T" or not? The TV that has mpeg2 & mpeg4, should be configurable by the user if there are mpeg2 or mpeg4 broadcasts. Its not the job of Philips to lock stuff, and unlock them according to what Philips thinks. This is offensive to the Latvian people.

The same is true for EPG: there is a DVB-T EPG implementation, but this is locked to a few countries only.

In a few words: you have paid for the hardware, but you don't own it. Philips won't let you use parts of what you have paid, according to its wishes. And if you consider that the prices are the same across Europe, Philips discriminates countries, by being friendly to some (i.e. West European ones) and hostile to others (all the rest of Europe).

05-16-2011, 11:09 AM
Who gave the right to Philips to pronounce countries as "full DVB-T" or not? The TV that has mpeg2 & mpeg4, should be configurable by the user if there are mpeg2 or mpeg4 broadcasts.

I agree, and it doesn't even have to be configurable by the user.
The TV has a DVB-T MPEG2/4 tuner, period.
It should tune the channels, either they are MPEG2 or MPEG4, SD or HD.

Jeez, it is getting worse than the multiple (analog) colour TV systems: PAL, SECAM, NTSC, etc...
Digital should be much simpler.