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05-29-2011, 10:10 AM

I rnotice the following behaviour on my 58PFL9955: during panning shots a dark/shadowy vertical band becomes visible in the center of the screen. This is especially visible during soccer matches when the camera pans along the green pitch. Still pictures are still excellent.

Anyone else notice this behaviour? Any solutions?

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05-29-2011, 11:33 AM

maybe you can make a photo... this would be easier for us to know what the problem is...

Which tuner are you using?


05-29-2011, 12:51 PM

The effect is a lot similar to this picture, except the band is in the center of the screen on my TV


(not an actual screenshot from my TV, will try to capture it later today)

I use a digital decoder from Cisco (8485DVB) to watch TV


05-29-2011, 02:02 PM

hmm - never saw that on my TV. Did you also notice that from other sources? Maybe you could test a video from USB.


05-29-2011, 05:33 PM
The same "vertical stripes" are also visible in the 9705 series - in fact in all Philips local dimming series.
I haven't yet reached a safe conclusion on why, but they are there on panning on bright colours (white, sky blue, green, etc).

I think that this may be caused by the panel driving firmware. And I think that it will never be fixed.

05-30-2011, 07:04 AM
Haven't been able to catch the banding on camera yet, kinda hard when it only happens during motion..

There seems to be an endless amount of threads on the internet about this problem though (just google 'vertical banding lcd'). Turns out it happens to all kinds of panels of all manufacturers. It's a manufacturing problem which can not be resolved with any software update, HD Nation has a pretty good explanation of the problem: http://revision3.com/hdnation/e3expo/vertical-banding-on-lcd-tvs. It's just a matter of luck whether or not your panelhas the problem or not.

What is kinda depressing though is that this problem dates back all the way to 2002-2003 and that a 4000 euro 2010 model still has it. Only solution for me seems to be to swap the tv (if philips finds the banding to be bad enough) and hope it doesn't have the same problem.

05-30-2011, 09:43 AM
hi from greece.i own a 42pfl7655h/12 since october 2010 and i have the same problem.whenever i watch football matches on my tv and the camera moves left or right very quickly, those black vertical lines appear.i wanted to post about this problem all those months but i didn't.now i know others have the same problem with me.does anyone think this can be solved?

06-06-2011, 07:11 PM
my philips 58PFL9955, philips aurea 42PFL9903 and philips aurea 42PFL9900 all have this.

in order of severeness:

1) 58pfl9955 - very noticeable! a complete distraction
2) 42pfl9903 - subtle, though can be seen, enough to catch the eye
3) 42pfl9900 - very subtle, only can be seen on 'perfect' conditions, occasionally on the right image.

its not something you expect when paying, 4k, 2.5k & 2750 for respectively, and you certainly dont expect it to be worse, as it the case chronologically, with the oldest set being least affected, and the brand new one being worst !!

*rolls eyes*

06-07-2011, 12:19 PM

while this is an LCD specific problem, it is not there on every LCD. It is a manufacturing bug. Some LCD panel manufacturers are having more issues with it than others, but with every brand you can simply be lucky or unlucky. And the bigger the panel, the more problematic it is.

And that may be the reason why the 58" PFL9955 is more affected by it than the 46" and 40" PFL9705. The 32" PFL9705 is having the least banding problems.
I've had three 32" PFL9705, because of dead pixels, the first of which I had for only a couple of days, so I can't say anything about that one. The second one had three faint bands, separating the screen into four equal parts, only slightly visible with panning shots across snow fields for example. My third and current one however, does not have any banding issues!... So really, it can be done! And if it's really noticeable, you should not accept it!...

06-23-2011, 09:24 PM

My new 46pfl9705 has this problem. One week ago I received the new 46pfl9705 as a compensation for my originally TV, which had been on service for more than 35% of the time I owned it. The vertical lines on my new 9705 are all over the picture, it is not only one or three of them. It is very noticeably during panning shots of e.g. football. It looks like the camera lens capturing the scene is dirty. I did not have the same problem with any of the three LCD panels that was mounted on my old TV, at least not in this degree.

Anyone who knows how to reduce this problem? Is it possible?

Another thing I notice is that when the picture is dark it looks like the LCD panel is dirty, like someone has splashed some dirty liquid over the LCD panel and let it stream down in vertical lines inside the panel. It is not always visible, but especially when the screen is light with daylight from a window opposite of the TV, it is very visible. I suspect this is related to the problem above. Has anyone else noticed this?

06-23-2011, 11:20 PM
@bmandersen, yes i have EXACTLY the same issues you report, all the issues. on my 58pfl9955h/12

no way to reduce or fix i am afraid. other than a replacement panel which doesnt suffer these problems, which could require several swap outs to find one devoid of these issues.