View Full Version : BDP7500 (B2/12) a lot of headaches to solve

06-20-2011, 07:28 PM
After using BDP7500 (version B2/12) for 9 months now I wanted to list my unsolved and unnecessary "headaches".
1. The remote control receiver is so weak you have to be in less than 3m distance and still you have to "point" correctly. REALLY ANNOYING. I have Philips TV 42PFL9664 and its (universal) remote works like a charm on the TV.
2. The Bluray remote control is not compatible with Philips TV universal remote control!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is ANNOYING TOO... We talk about 2 devices of same company and a universal remote control of company doesn't support a device of same company.... Well done Philips. I discovered the apple remote app but BDP7500 is not included in the list. Something must be really wrong with this bluray model. I have contacted support team about 1. and 2. and the answer was just a dry "we can do nothing".
3. The play all random option (DLNA) works only for a small track range. I have tried many different playlists with varying number of (mp3) files! (500-7000) but the random all is limited in first 50 tracks!!!! Maybe sometime it passed the hundred or 200 but that is temporary. If I press back button and scroll down manually in the playlist the range might be extended somehow but it always randomize the files in a small segment, so thanks to this "fantastic" feature I listen to the same tracks again and again and there is no chance to listen to other tracks.
4. Every time reset is done I have to register the device in Philips site. Why is that?
5. Firmware update is not possible via internet (no disc is inside and bdp is connected to internet because netTV service works). 6. It freezes at random times.
7. FLAC support is not available yet in DLNA client. WAV is supported but no tags are displayed. The pity thing is that 42PFL9664 displays at list the title sent from DLNA server.
8. No option to NOT automatically start playing the disc inside during BDP startup.
9. Bluray displays MKV subtitles out of display frame and in pink color. Maybe is smth wrong with the MKV version I use ?
10. It would be really nice if play mode would have been saved and be defaulted. But I ask too much now. Philips cannot solve OTHER important issues. It has no time for such things.
11. Philips gives officially some part of source used in bluray devices. Me and other friends could put our hands on the code and help the situation but since the source code is not full (Philips give only a small part of it) it cannot be compiled and loaded in the device (so we are back to zero). And what's the point then to have the source code if we cannot use it?

Am I asking too much?

08-02-2011, 09:05 AM
It's real headache to look at :P
I think for issue 1, 3, 4, 8, 11, I think they are some sort of "wishlist" and I re-cap a bit here for Philips:

1) Improve remote control sensitivity. (for TV remote and URC work like charm and BLu-ray remote is sluggish)
2) Better sorting through DLNA (for only small track range can be played)
3) Disable the Philips Club registration message after reset for few times (Philips MP3 disabled the message after 5 times switching on)
4) Disable auto disc playing, or there should be an option
5) Share a bit more code

And for your issue 5- cannot upgrade through internet. Heard that after certain version, the upgrade can only be done by burning a disc or using USB flash device. Not sure if this applicable to BDP7500B2 as well. ..
For issue 6- freeze. I personally don't have this problem but I guess this happens to most of the players here. Most of the freezing issues cannot be reproduced...Is that frequent to you?
For issue 9- MKV subtitle out-of frame. I do think this is the file problem.
For issue 10- what do you mean by saving play mode settings? I think most of the settings can be retained after standby...

08-30-2011, 09:42 PM
2) Better sorting through DLNA (for only small track range can be played)

It's official. Philips contacted me and confirmed what I discovered myself. Playlist range it's limited to 50 tracks. This is a kind of joke but very disappointing too.

Thank you Philips. I suggest you set the track limit to 20 or even 10. Why we need to play several hundred/thousand of files in random mode?
I have regret I bought this player.