View Full Version : problems with the firewire 140,037 for the tv 40pfl7605h_12

06-27-2011, 08:33 AM
Since installing the firewire on the tv 40pfl7605h_12 140.037, a local channel in my town you come macroblocks in large quantities and often too much out, I tried other HD tuners to see if I tuned the antenna and back channels the tv and nothing remains the same this is the new firewire as before did not, for what it's worth I'm from Spain sevilla city and canal 20TV macroblocks is, I hope to settle it in next firewire.

06-27-2011, 05:02 PM
Ola jselu

Think you mean "firmware" not "firewire", which is a little different :o

Sorry to hear about this well known problem. Please read my messages and opinions in
this thread:

I have this problem randomly since old original firmware (. then on .32, .34, .36 and
as well on .37. but only on the first four stored channels (see my older mail)

In my opinion this is not solvable by a firmware update (PHILIPS, you are still free to show
me the opposite :rolleyes:) if you see the funny thing which is happening when I am touching the
back of the TV above the tuners position...

So good luck to you, but do not expect too much help from PHILIPS here in the forum.
It's sad but it is like it is, you will see. I meanwhile can live with this error and maybe
I will check the internals once in the TV after the warranty time is over in April 2013.

Regards to Spain!