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07-01-2011, 01:44 PM
Dear Philips-Team,
maybe you can use APPHANCE with a couple of Consumers who have problems getting the myremote app run on the their smartphones.
Please checkout http://www.apphance.com/ this is no advertisment, its just what i found in www when I was looking for a solution how i could save stack traces.

Quote from the developers: ".

It has a simple .jar library (for Android) that you add and integrate in 5 minutes and then the library gathers not only crash information but also logs from running application, as well as it lets your testers report problems straight from device - including the whole context (device rotation, whether it is connected to a wifi or not and more). You can look at the logs using a very nice and useful web panel, where you can track sessions with your application, crashes, logs, statistics and more. The service is in closed beta test phase now"