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07-13-2011, 10:13 AM
This post describes the use of BDP 5100 with DLNA.

My DLNA configuration is a BDP 5100 (V 1.53) with 2 WD My Book World Edition disks (NAS) running Twonky 5.1.9. I have 30000 mp3 files and some films and photos.


With the exception of some mkv formats, everything can be played


The user interface is complete rubbish. It is impossible to navigate through the songs. First the remote is very sluggish in its reaction time, and second you have to click through endless lists. To find a certain song you have to click in average about 50 times.
The only reasonable alternative would be to navigate through folders. In this way, unfortunately, Twonky presents songs in alphabetic sequence of ID3 tags, so you cannot play an album in correct sequence.

When playings songs, then embedded cover art is only displayed if it is less than 60kb in size.

When playing songs, then for first song played there is diplayed song title, artist and album. When player skips to next title then it won't display this info any more, to see this info you have to press Pause and then Play again.

When playing playlists, then only title of song is displayed, even when playlist contains much more info. (Twonky problem)

Subitles for films don't work at all.

Displaying fotos with keywords gives only patial list, Say you have 1000 fotos with keyword "Kevin", then only about 300 will be displayed.

Sometimes the player became blocked (even when I had disabled Screen Saver). Only physical Power off helped. I shall try to disable Easy Link too.


If you have more than a couple of hundred files to play then DLNA is too frustrating. Don't buy such a player because of DLNA feature. Simple folder navigation with Windows shares is much better.

07-13-2011, 10:47 AM
I've the same problems with the BDP5180 and v1.54

Turning off the screensaver and Easy-Link did not fix the freezing problem when watching films for me. AVIs and also MKVs freeze quite freequently, especially when you RRW and FFW during watching.
Subtitles work for mkvs if they are embedded in the mkv as srt-format (text format). Normal vobsubs (picture format) will not be displayed.
Other people have reported a much better DLNA experience when using Twonky v6 or different DLNA-Servers. Probabaly you can try to update your Twonky-Version on the PC or NAS.
This will enable FFW and RRW with x32 speed instead of x4 only.

08-02-2011, 07:15 AM
Hi WHA1949 and Shurakai
Just there is a good news ! There is new firmware 1.57 available and it does solve the subtitle problem for mkv playback.
For the streaming, yes, the decoder (the PC software) cannot decode mkv, unlike doing that through USB. So that's not really the BDP player problem, but just there aint such decoder software...
what I do now for mkv streaming is still by renaming files...

08-05-2011, 11:12 AM
In my case it is much worse. I've got BDP5200 (latest firmware) and MyBook with Twonky 5.1.9. Both devices are wired connected to the Asus WL-500gP V2 router. The problem is that video streaming using MyBook (via browsing PC) doesn't work at all. Although I can browse all folders the player doesn't show anything after choosing a video and pressing ok - the disk runs and obviously something is going on - but without results. Off button is the only solution. The same video starts immediately if copied to a USB stick. What can be done?

08-06-2011, 10:24 PM
I have serious problems with the DLNA network.(40PFL7605) I have recently installed a new laptop and a new WD NAS. I have full connection with the laptop and NAS but not with the TV.
According the diagnostic info in the configuration screen I am connected to internet and the TV has got the latest software update.
Do I need to enable something before I can use this functionality?

08-07-2011, 04:01 PM
Hi Anton,

you need a running DLNA-Server (eg twonky) on the NAS. The TV is not able to browse through the shares via SMB as does the Laptop.
If that's working then there might be another issue.
Are you using static IPs ore is your router proving the IPs? You can try to assign static IPs to all devices and look if this might solve the connectivity problem.
If everything works you should see the shares of the DLNA-Server under "Browse PC" and can navigate through it.

08-13-2011, 12:29 AM
Hi Everyone,

I've made a few more tests by connecting a few more sources to play the video from: a Notebook with Windows Media Player 12 and a set top box (Dreambox DM800) with Ushare installed. From both the BP5200 started with almost no delay, but when I start the same divx file from MyBook with Twonky 5.1.9 the player hangs up. The funny thing is that I can play a few videos through Twonky too, but even then the delay before the video starts is >minute - and there is actually only one file that really starts every time.
So my conclusion is Twonky 5.1.9 and BD5200 are not cooperating well. One way could be to wait for a new version of Twonky to be available for MyBook... and the other to wait for new BD5200 firmware. Any other suggestions are much welcome!

08-17-2011, 07:24 AM
worth trying new twonky?

Release notes for TMS 6.0.34

Bug Fixes
-fixed: File scanning issue on Windows network drives
-fixed: Roku soundbridge cannot stream aac/m4a
-fixed: UPnP Discovery broken w/ Linn control point
-fixed: Web Config UI not working properly with Internet Explorer 9
-fixed: improved ssdp responses to M-Searches with MX=1
-fixed: Aggregation not always indexing all items, if there are items of unknown type to TwonkyServer

o Disabled the NMC Stationary service in TwonkyServer
o Added Linn Bubble DS to clients DB
o removed useless client adaptatiion option XM:NOAAC320FORAAC192

Release notes for TMS 6.0.33

Bug Fixes
-fixed: a failure of CTT case using CTT build win7 version
-fixed: Duplicate content is displayed on enabling the aggregation server in aggregation mode.
-fixed: failure of CTT case
-fixed: uploading content failed after changing the language of Twonkyserver
-fixed: ASF to FLASH transcoding is not working
-fixed: "xmlns:arib" and "xmlns:dtcp" are missing in CDS:Search response
-fixed: SPTV Recording Failure on low spec device due to AES HW memory allocation error
-fixed: DTCP Copy-Free content, which is moved from Regza with TwonkyServer, cannot be played with LinkTheater
-fixed: SSDP:byebye packets during startup disdabled for Buffalo NAS
-fixed: Content having creation date before 1970 was not displayed in twonky.
-fixed: Unable to enable/disable logs from RPC command ""
-fixed: CTT test case DMS failing on DTCP-IP server
-fixed: Saving a playlist with "/-:;()$&&@""" creates an empty playlist
-fixed: Upload (both CDS:CreateObject and from Web UI) failed on server running on Linux
-fixed: on rescan server does not find/remove deleted files
-fixed: Fix behavior for scantime=0 to not rescan file system
-fixed: playback does not work on new sony BRAVIA TVs with YouTube content
-fixed: The Kirkwood build did not work on quad-core paltform
-fixed: CDS:ImportResource action was broken
-fixed: On aggregated items with multiple RES the last one is missing
-fixed: Content having creation date before 1970 was not displayed in twonky.
-fixed: Cross-site scripting exploit vulnerability in webbrowse
-fixed: Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.6 case NetMedia-49 failed
-fixed: Twonkyserver responses on localhost (Linux) were significantly slower that on external interface
-fixed: jpeg scaler was adding pixels (rows) at the top and removing some at the bottom of a scaled picture
-fixed: when copying and pasting files with Windows Explorer inside shared folders, update evets were sometimes lost and the changes were not reflected in the CDS
-fixed: Sony VGF-WA1 player could not play mp3 content from TwonkyServer

o Implemented generating thumbnails for videos with external application. Enabled utilizing FFMpeg if it is included.
o Preserve Time Seek Tables (TSTs) from deleting while DB rebuild, try reuse preserved TSTs. Only generate TST if necessary.
o Incorporated the changes mentioned in 2010_09_Supplement_E_update DTCP guidelines
o DTCP-IP: implement API to move content from server to server
o Enabled chunked transfer encoding for DTCP-IP dynamic transcoded contents
o Additional improvements to enable streaming of dynamically transcoded contents over DTCPIP
o Added support for Boxee client
o Improved client adaptation for Linn DS clients
o Max number of .desc files for video transcoding increased from 20 to 50
o internal default for configuration option "maxscantimeperfile" changed from 0 to 30
o new configuration option "importdir" set the directory from which the server reads import-files
o Disabled automatic upload configuration in the RMM module, as it did not work properly when upload is disabled
o Changing and clearing metadata (including ratings) is allowed for all clients, not only for twonkymanager as in
o Add sort support for upnp:seriesTitle and upnp:seriesID
o MP4 scanner improved to better recognize files created with QuickTime

08-17-2011, 11:12 PM
Thanks kwinnie, this would very probably solve my problem. Twonky 6 is, however, not included in the latest WD MyBook firmware and the manual upgrade is quite complicated. There is an extensive discussion on this topic at the WD forum http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/update-twonkyserver/td-p/119792.

08-19-2011, 12:04 PM
Same problem here. Version 6.0.34 would probably solve alot of issues, but sadly my Iomega NAS does not allow software installations besides the regular firmware updates. So I've to stick with v.5.1.9. Next time I'll for sure buy a QNAP NAS which alows alot more configuration than the cheap Iomega products.
All I can do now is wait for a firmware improvement for the BDP5180 (where is v 1.57 for the BDP5180???) from Philips or wait for firmware update for my Iomega NAS. Both probably not going to give satisfactory results.