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07-15-2011, 09:57 AM

Has anyone ever measured the power consumption of their HTS system? Mine seems to use about 30Watts for playing just a CD, even after the CD is finished and "forgotten". There seems to be no energy saving whatsoever. Furthermore I really cannot understand why the powerusage is so high for something this basic. Even for playing DVDs and Blu Rays where intensive decoding has to be done, I cannot imagine one would require such powerlevels for that.

07-21-2011, 09:07 AM
interesting piece of findings. But no I haven't measure mine BDP players (no equipment I suppose). But I have interest knowing all these energy consumption info as well.

Philips - Remko
07-26-2011, 08:13 AM
Dear Garak,

This device HTS7200 complies with the EU energy consumption regulation –Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1275/2008.

According to our energy report, the stand-by power consumption of this device is 0.53W when under 230 rated voltage. In the user manual, it is stated that the power consumption for the main unit is 100W (maximum power consumption for this device*). While playing a CD uses the main unit, the powered subwoofer and the speakers, the needed power is 30W, less than one third of the maximum power consumption. This amount of power is needed to ensure the optimal performance. Please also be noted that the volume used and the power consumption is positively correlated. So, if you’d like to save some power consumption, please lower the volume used.


* Discrepancy +/- 10%


07-26-2011, 11:37 AM
Thank you for your reply! I indeed forgot about the speakerset. This might explain the 30W. Is it a necessity to keep those and other elements powered up when the unit is idling, but not in standby mode?

I'll have to recheck the standby consumption on my device. My power meter does not go below 5W, so it should show up as 0W. I always assumed the HTS was causing a 10-20W continuous power drain, but the ratings you provided should make that impossible.

I'll get back with more info later on.