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08-07-2011, 02:51 PM
Hi there,

First of all, I want to express my frustration with the old Streamium discussion board, where nobody from moderators/administrators team replied to my numerous requests!:mad: Dear Philips team, that's not fair to abandon a product which is still being sold and has critical bugs! And me, as a user and a customer, who bought it only few months before, can't get it work properly! I do hope, that here you will eventually respond and take actions on releasing a f/w update for the NP2500.

So, the bugs are:

1. With language set to Russian, it is not possible to type Russian letters 'В' and/or 'Г' in search box (including the high speed scroll as well), because these two letters appear as one "letter" 'ВГ'. So, whenever I need to type in 'В' or 'Г', I get the bonded combination of 'ВГ'. And if I try to delete only 'Г' it clears both 'ВГ'. Simply put, watch the recorded video:

2. While in standby with the screen mode set to totally off, touching brightness key on the remote control lights up the LCD's backlight, though the device itself remains in standby, and there is no way to switch the backlight off; consequent key pressing only cycles the backlight from bright to low and vice versa.

This Russian layout bug is really very very annoying, since it makes practically impossible to use Russian keyboard, and that's too bad, since I have a big collection of music files with Russian names/tags, and whenever I want to find something containing/starting with В or Г, I am stuck! :(

Please fix at least the first bug ASAP. I'm more than sure, other NP familiy devices, which are based on the same f/w source code are affected with this bug too!

FYI, the Russian alphabet is as follows (Uppercase and lowercase):

А а, Б б, В в, Г г, Д д, Е е, Ё ё
Ж ж, З з, И и, Й й, К к, Л л, М м
Н н, О о, П п, Р р, С с, Т т, У у
Ф ф, Х х, Ц ц, Ч ч, Ш ш, Щ щ
Ъ ъ, Ы ы, Ь ь, Э э, Ю ю, Я я

(letter Ё ё can be omitted from the keyboard map, but the device should be able to recognize Ё ё, thus treat Е е and Ё ё just as one)

I am ready to become a beta tester for the Russian localization, if only you are ready to fix this bug!



Philips - Cassandra
08-10-2011, 07:27 AM
Hi AlexTee,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our forum.

As the model NP2500 is not currently supported here at the moment I have passed your feedback through to our technical team who are now aware of the issues you have experienced.

Please check your private messages as I have also sent through some extra information for you.

Kind regards,