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08-10-2011, 09:44 AM
Seems that I am first to write here, sweet.

OK, insights first:

Very satisfied with the quality of picture and sound (with DVB-T box connected to SCART)
Software responsiveness if awful - just browsing the Home menu seems very slowish, and trying to change the volume immediately on start-up shows the volume bar with several seconds in lag. This might also be a hardware (processor speed) problem, which would be even worse. I have compared the software responsiveness (and design) with several other TV sets, and this one is the worst on both points.
Network connectivity works just fine, I have been able to stream several movies through LAN with no problems.
No subtitle support OF ANY KIND for streaming movies is just plain nonsense, and it makes the option to stream video through the network a big pain. At least .SRT support should be implemented as soon as possible, as 20EU dvd players have this since 2 years ago. WE NEED SUBTITLE SUPPORT!
When picture is set to a high contrast, the TV set has a bad buzzing noise in the background, clear at 4-5m distance. I am still not prepared to take a brand new TV set to the service, but I might have to do it eventually. Standard picture keeps the buzzing sound low and not that irritating.
NetTV works OK, the TuneIn radio app is very good. But again, browsing through applications is very sluggish. Back and reorder of My Presets would be a great feature.

Wishlist, according to insights:

At least .SRT support should be implemented as soon as possible. WE NEED SUBTITLE SUPPORT!
Better all-around performance of the software. This is a higher-end 40" TV where I live, and it should perform like one on all important points (design - features - picture/sound quality - software).
Better all-around performance of the applications in NetTV.
To have a public development roadmap for the software - to vote for new features suggested by the development team, and to know if and when can we expect some feature to be implemented, like subtitle support.

I completely support the decision to have an insights and wishlist forum - it is a step in the right direction.

All best.

08-11-2011, 10:32 AM
At least .SRT support should be implemented as soon as possible. WE NEED SUBTITLE SUPPORT!