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08-21-2011, 09:11 PM
Hi , new here.

We live out in the country - (USA) rural area - and only have a digital antenna - no satelitte or cable - and pick up a surprising number of (free) channels. THe problem is on our 2010 Philips 40"-5505D/F7 we get NO description of tv program - when we press INFO button.

However, on our small little 20" no name brand flat tv - we get a good description of the tv program.

I have checked this with the SAME TV program - the cheap little 20" tv almost ALWAYS has a DESCRIPTION and the
$600 Philips has NO description - only NAME of program.

I checked for any software to download from the philips website for my tv - and the only thing was about the tv not
keeping the correct time -

THank you - I hope I have given enough information to get an answer on this.
in N.C., USA

08-21-2011, 09:50 PM
I wanted to add that the Philips TV - INFO button - DOES give the NAME of the program - and some techy info - like resolution, picture format, etc... stuff I dont really need or want to know. lol.

Just got off phone with a Philips Help person - he said that my Philips model does NOT give a description. and no way to make it do this.

This is VERY disappointing to me . . . a $600 TV cant give me a 3 line description.