View Full Version : HTS3530 sky+hd

08-22-2011, 08:26 AM
Hi i'm new on here, I bought the HTS3530 yesterday and spent ages setting it all up then I tried to hear digital tv or sky+hd through the system and could only get it throught 2 speakers, then I moved the red,yellow,white leads to the tv and now can only hear and see DVD player. So put the leads back to sky box and then couldn't get DVD to see or hear it, I pressed disc on the remote and aux and still i could only get sky on 2 speakers but no DVD, so moved the red, yellow, white back to the tv and again got DVD back but no sky sound. Please help, it took me hours to set up and really don't want to take it all out and return it to the shop if I can help it. I have done a firmware update and still to no avail. Do I need a scart lead aswell as I heard that HDMI only carries pictures not sound, or should the red yellow white cables be enough. I have a Samsung TV.