View Full Version : Philips Fidelio DS3510 turns off unexpectedly

08-23-2011, 02:38 PM
Hello everyone,
I've just bought this docking speaker. This is almost my 4th day of using it but I have this problem since day 1.

After playing like 2 hours in a row, the light on the speaker went off, and the sound of course. My iPhone 4 was on the dock and charging so it surprised me to see the music was gone, thought it was because I received a call and did not notice. But when I went to see what went wrong, I saw that the device was turned off completely, I had to turn it on from the button...

Then when I was on Bluetooth using it, the next day, it went off again after an hour of playing.

Last night, the same thing happened, and after turning it on, after like 2-3 mins, it went off again... I'm using the same outlet that I use for most of my electronics and I've never experienced any loss on the power. I checked the Fidelio app to see if I accidently scheduled the sleep timer but no, it seems fine. By the way, I dont use Fidelio app. to listen to mp3 + radio, I use iPod app and the Tune-in app. When I want to connect via Bluetooth, I just turn on iPhone's bluetooth feature and connect thru there.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I'm planning to check the precise playing hour tonight but I'm not sure where it might take me...

Philips - Andrea
08-24-2011, 10:37 AM
Hi SylviaOreilly

Have you tried your docking system using the batteries only rather than AC adaptor?

If you haven't already, please try this and see if the issue persists as it may be an issue with the adaptor rather than the unit.

Kind regards