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09-09-2011, 09:21 AM
Hello everyone,

Can someone from Philips provide information as to what is planned for new firmware upgrades (40PFL6606H/12), and when should we expect it?

I think it is best that Philips reacts to several threads in these forums with clear information:

1. Features that are requested but will never be implemented because of reason X.
2. Features that are requested, and will be implemented in version X, year/month.
3. Bugs that have been reported:
- have you been able to reproduce the bugs, or you need more input from customers?
- if reproduced, when should be expect bugs to be resolved (version X, year/month)?

A thread with TABLES for every firmware features and bugs should be provided for trackability of issues.

A roadmap would really help to eleviate some bad customer reactions here. It is always better for the customers to have a clear information even if it is not good, instead of just ranting because there is no clear feedback.


09-14-2011, 01:30 PM
I think this is something that everybody would like but have a very hard head that this will happen.

I can imagine that it is difficult to predict release dates due to testing of new software etc.. Also that Philips will already indicate what will be solved is tricky since imagen they are not able to solve it, then what happens?? For sure there are some posters lying around ( will not mention any names :cool: ) that will thankfully make use of this.

I had in the past some difficulties with various other brands also but never got any clear indications of when and if things would be solved.......