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09-28-2011, 04:40 PM

I have a problem with my NP 3700 device. WAV and MP3 files are stored on a NAT driver (Freebox from french ISP "Free").

The NP 3700 can access and find the directories on this driver (Music, Pictures...) and can play WAV files but when I enter a directory with MP3 files the screen displays "Empty List". The directory contains .mp3 files and the problem is the same with any music file which is not a WAV file (ogg file...).

Does anyone has an answer to this problem ?


09-29-2011, 04:45 AM
Well, is your box uPnP or DLNA approved ?
The NP3700 is approved and therefore should at least support all uPnP / DLNA approved devices.

When looking through the user manual on the internet, it appears that the uPnP on this router is only for Gaming & Application sharing (weird, but that what is says). I checked it via ...


I've a Thomson TG787 at home and there things work fine (= sharing music).

Maybe you contact your box-provider, whether there is an upgrade available for your box ...

Philips - Andrea
09-29-2011, 08:33 AM
Hi jfmiaux,

The problem you are describing may be a modem issue.

However, to check this can you stream MP3 from your PC/laptop using Windows 7 or Twonky SW that is by-packed with the NP3700?

Kind regards,

09-29-2011, 08:36 PM
Thank you both, Andrea and "Blechtrottel".

Well, this might not be a modem issue because the NP 3700 can read all my music files except podcasts I downloaded on the Internet (MP3 files).

I ripped songs on a CD with different formats : Wav, Mp3 and Wma and everything is ok with the NP 3700. It can see them and read them from the NAT driver.

But, it does not see the podcasts which are on the same directory.

Could there be an issue with a wrong encoding of these files ? (although there is no problem reading them on the NP 3700 from my laptop with Twonky software).

@Blechtrottel : my modem is not the Speedtouch you are refering to but an especially developped modem by french ISP "Free" (http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/14/freebox-v6-revolution-set-top-box-brings-calling-tv-and-gaming/). It is Upnp approved.


10-25-2011, 10:02 AM
I guess when we talk about 'modem' one means 'Router' as a Telecom engineer I could not understand why a modem could be the issue between MP3 files stored on a device (PC, NAS, etc.) and the NP.
Now, I believe Andrea gave you a way forward, just download Twonkymanager from the web (free for trial) and start streamining from a PC to your NP to see if your existing MP3 works.
If it works, you then know it is not related to the ripping or coding of your MP3 but related to the UPNP/DLNA server on your 'Free' router...
If it does not, you then know you have a problem with your MP3 coding and would suggest you use for example dbpoweramp to rip in MP3 to see if there is a difference.

10-25-2011, 05:01 PM
Thank you "k1200rs".
Actually, the problem is solved now. After an update of my "modem/router/NAS" firmware by my ISP the NP 3700 plays all my MP3 files whatever the source and encoding (CD rip / podcast...).