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09-30-2011, 02:11 PM
Sorry for my English

I have trouble setting DS9800w
1. I set up DS9800w with WPS mode on my router Asus RT-N15. Ds9800w always visible at 192.168.1.xxx through IE on the PC or Safari on the Ipod. But on my Ipod touch 3g symbol AirPlay is not visible. Sometimes the character appears, but may disappear at any time. If I turn off and turn on again my Ds9800w AirPlay symbol appears and I can use this mode for a while. but if I do not use DS9800w airplay symbol will disappear again at any time.
2. I configured manually using the Philips _Fidelio _Airplay network. Problems are the same. DS9800w always visible on the network, but airplay may or may not work
3. I made a wifi network of the three components Asus WL - 330, DS9800, ipod touch 3g. The problem remained.

What should I do?
I need to buy Apple AirPort Extreme instead of Asus router?
All my devices use latest firmware

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10-04-2011, 04:11 AM
what s your iso version in your ipod touch?

if you are using 4.3.5, it will be a lot more stable...