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10-02-2011, 01:11 PM
Hello all,

I am using a 32PFL7605 with PTA01 USB dongle now for 11 months. Yesterday a mechanic replaced the main board, since I was not able to use NetTV or IP-EPG anymore.
The mechanic advised me NOT to use the 0,5 meter USB extension cable on my PTA01 dongle. It might give problems.
However, without this extension cable the network speed for NetTV seems limited to 11 Mbps.
With the extension cable and the dongle positioned on the standard of the TV it reached 65 Mbps.

In a previous (closed) topic Toengel stated that it was due to my network range, while others also confirm the problem I describe. My laptop reaches 300 Mbps on the position of the TV, so I don't believe it is the network range.

Since 11 Mbps is not sufficient for streaming video (like 'uitzending gemist') I want to reinstall my USB extension.
What are your experiences with an USB extension cable?

Kind regards,

Additional information:

Last week another technician came since I had some spontaneous auto-resets of my TV. This technician advised the contrary: he advised to use an USB extension cable to prevent problems with interference.
Now NetTV and IP-EPG work fine

Philips - Mark
10-02-2011, 07:47 PM
Hi Niels,

Please try following:
Put the TV on a normal broadcaster channel.
Give following numbers in on the remote control: 123654
Now you enter the Customer Service menu (CSM1).
Check line 1, Set type. It should mention the correct set type number (xxPFLxxxxH/xx)

Perhaps the device type in not correctly filled in.
If indeed so, please call Philips service to have your device type programmed.

With kind regards,

10-02-2011, 08:03 PM
Hi Niels,

I use also at 40pfl7605H/12 with PTA01.
First I install the PTA and had a very low transferrate on WLAN.
I use a 802.11 g Network (2.4 GHz)
I assume that there are some EMI problems (e.g. a processor around 1.2 GHz or something like that)
Therefore I use a 0.5 m USB extension to bring distance between the TVs backplane and the PTA01. The result: Everything work perfect at high transfer rate with my 802.11 g network.

So whatever the technician says about the USB-Extensenion. My experience is that I need such a cable at xxPFL7605 to get a 802.11 g Network run properly.

(Philips recommends a 802.11 n network; that runs at 5 GHz, perhaps there the EMI is not such a big problem - I canÄt theat it because I have a g router. But for performance 802.11 g is capable of 54 Mbit/sec; if you have a DSL of 16Mbit/sec why do you need a WLAN faster than 16 Mbit/sec? The bottleneck (in most cases) is DSL and not that capability of 802.11 g - if 802.11 g runs properly what in my case needs that USB extension.)


10-29-2011, 05:05 PM
Hi Niels,

I had the same problems you had. I fixed the problem with a 30 cm long extension, which come once with a UMTS dongle. Now the Philips TV (42PFL7655K2) is not between the PTA01 and the router (Fritz!Box 7270) anymore. And the speed is dramatically gone higher.