View Full Version : 58PFL9956 issues

10-02-2011, 06:58 PM
I've recently acquired the Philips 58PFL9956H/12 televsion to replace my 56PFL9954 and despite the absolutely stunning and crisp picture and features i am experiencing some problems:

Most important issue, very annoying and sometimes makes the tv unusable for a small time:
- Sometimes during channel switching, tv gives black picture, gets unresponsive and powers off, then powers on again and after some time tv works again

Less important:
- Playing MKV files - picture stutters
- Videoland video rental app - is simply unusable. After subscribing, click on 'rent this movie' leaves you with only a message 'movie will stream now', and nothing happens
- Net TV/Smart TV slowness - i am familiar with the general slowness of Philips TV menu's but on my (much older) 56PFL9954 it wasnt actually THIS slow. I would have expected Philips to have improved this at least a bit but it got worse instead. Smart TV / Net TV is pretty much unusable at this point.

Does anyone share these same experiences and @Philips: are you planning an update for this otherwise absolutely amazing piece of equipment?