View Full Version : PFL7666 audio dropout

10-07-2011, 09:59 PM
Having a nightmare with this tv. Bought one from richer sounds Southampton got it home set it up, dropout from the word go. Phoned philips support line and told them i was having audio dropout, was told this was unheard of, which struck me as strange as firmware update mentions that latest firmware resolves audio dropout ( even though it doesn't ) At this point phoned richer sounds who said they had no issues with other sets they had sold. I returned the set for a new replacement, as at this point I didn't realise all the issues. Got the new set home, exactly the same problem only now it switches itself off halfway through watching something! Philips are you serious ? You release a tv that clearly doesn't work and expect everyone to hang around for firmware which "might" fix it, are you kidding ? This is basic stuff, no previous set I've had has had any of these issues and they have cost a fraction of the money I paid for this set. I was beginning to think my electrics might be dodgy, until I found the forum and the problems people are having. I have read through some of the topics on this forum and it would seem there is no answer, is that correct or have I missed something ? I believe "what hi fi" are going to review this tv soon, I'm inclined to get on to them and ask them to point out the faults with this tv.. If anyone can help would be appreciated.

10-10-2011, 08:20 AM
on some threads it was mentioned that they are working on new updates to solve all the audio problems, latest FW for your set should be 14.79, make sure it is installed