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10-31-2011, 08:03 PM
Hi there! I am so excited to be finally able to listen to something much much better than the compressed rubbish!!!
FLACs sound great, thank you for the Muse!!! Is there any chance to read 96KHz/24bits?
What is the maximum in this version?
Why don't you use a standard DVD Audio D/A Converter chip? It's quite cheap!
Any chance for a digital electric coaxial output? Or, even better, a Full HDMI out?

I Find the Muse much better than i-Pod, in terms of Sound:lightyears better!
Missing a Wi-Fi connection, as well as Skype on-board. But first of all the Flacs 96/24, please.

Money is ready: tell me when, and how much!

Philips - Cassandra
11-03-2011, 02:11 PM

Thanks for your feedback! Great to hear that you are enjoying your Muse.

I'm going to send your requests through to our development team as I they are always looking for feedback about our products and I will get back to you about the supported bit rates.

For further suggestions about our products we have a wishlist thread where you can suggest ideas and features you would like to see in Philips sound products.

About missing the wifi connection you may be interested in our newer model that will run Android!It's called the Go Gear Connect 3.


Kind regards,

11-03-2011, 03:57 PM
Hi Cassandra, thank U 4 the answer. From my point of view, Philips has the chance to hit the Market with a definitively Hi-Fi handheld player, quite different (and better) in respect of i-Pod. The trick, in my opinion, is to work on one direction, and do it the best possible, like no other has done so far. I would like to see the MUSE decoding FLACs 96/24 for this reason: it could be "positioned" in the market as a specialized product, missing some of the features that the "average everything" have, but having the best possible today in terms of "High Quality Music" storage and play. Add a digital coaxial output, and it will be ready to be connected to an Audiophile Grade system, as the main source!!!.
And the possibility to change Memory cards will be the key to define it a "Digital Player without jitter" (or with a very low amount of it). Much better than many DVD Players using the small discs. All the rest, like Wi-Fi, Android, Skype and stuffs like that, would become absolutely secondary if I could get that! In my personal opinion, a product like this could be a real winner.

Now-getting the feet back on the ground- : Using the newest FW release (1.38.0), the MUSE is not reading the .alb files any more, hence I have no picture of the original album. Can you please fix this?

11-07-2011, 09:06 AM

does this help?

11-07-2011, 01:41 PM
Hi Kwinnie, thank you so much for the table, confirming my suspicion about FLAC not going over 48KHz, 16 bits.

But what about the new FW bug? I have non chance to see the covers that the Philips Software created itself, at the moment!

I have tried downloading the covers in jpg format, but this is not the way it should work.
And moreover, it is not acceptable that the firmware is no longer recognizing the .alb files it created before!

Please, fix this!

11-08-2011, 04:59 AM
so just to clarify,
you are able to view the cover art before the upgrade?

11-08-2011, 05:16 AM
so just to clarify,
you are able to view the cover art before the upgrade?

Yes, I was able to see all the cover arts, before the upgrade.
And the .alb Files are still there! But the System says it does not recognize them.