View Full Version : Latest Firmware for Econova 42PFL6805H

11-02-2011, 09:25 AM
Hello Philips Support,

I was wondering if the firmware which I can download from the German Philips website (, 2011-07-15) is indeed the latest one. Toengel mentioned in his blog that there was a newer firmware version for "all" 6000-series models.

The reason for trying to update are very annoying artifacts that appear while watching Blu ray discs (using an Oppo BDP93). I have the TV for 7 months now but didn't have a Blu ray player until today. The artifacts appear around faster moving edges and areas. Now that I have been sensitised I for that kind of problem I can see these errors when watching regular analogue and digital TV as well.

Is there a newer firmware that I could use instead of the above mentioned one from 2011-07-15? (I don't know if firmwares are multilingual. As I am from Germany I would prefer a German firmware over an English one.)

With best regards,

11-02-2011, 09:28 AM

for 2010 models latest firmware is:

With Net TV: 140.40
Without Net TV: 140.39