View Full Version : HDMI-Connection failt between Philips 46PFL8605K and Panasonic BluRay DMP-BDT111EG

11-09-2011, 06:02 PM
hello together!

i'm new at philips-forum but not in part of entertainment-things ;)
i got a new philips-tv and so other cool things to complete a secondary small homecinema installation.
i choose a ambilight tv from philips 64pfl8605k, a onky tx-sr508 receiver and a panasonic dmp-bdt111eg bluray player.

the philips tv and receiver works smooth together but if i try to connect the panasonic bluray player, i got the message "no device found" (analogous), sometime the tv blink from blue player picture to black tv-picture with no signal.
it seems, that there are some timing-problems or other things not compatible on hdmi-bus?

does anyone has problems like this an can help me?
i use the forum-search befor and found no solution for my problem. :confused:

i updated firmware on both devices to the newest version - same problem like before.
the player works without any problems on other tvs like lge oder panasonic himself.

my the hdmi-cec standard, which is also activated raise problems?
should i disable all these things?

i was testing the connection wir ntsc and pal-configuration, with and without 24p activation - always the same problem :(
can you help me?
thank you very much!

11-10-2011, 07:07 AM
Since the panasonic player has HDMI CEC, did it appear automatically in the devices of the TV, when it got connected and activated?

Also, are you using the correct HDMI output from the player? (I think it has two outputs, but one is audio only?)

Have you ever managed to see the menus of the player on the TV?

11-10-2011, 09:09 AM
Hello petasis,

thank you for your reply.
Yes, the tv found the player via cec at first connection automatically.
first, i connect the player through the onkyo receiver and short i got a picture (menus) so i seemed it will work.
later, i got no connection through the onkyo receiver and direct connect also did'nt work.
i select the input-connector also manualy but did'nt change anything.

the play has only one hdmi-output and i connect the output to other tvs and that work correctly.
do you thing the deactivation of cec may help us?

Philips - Thomas
11-10-2011, 09:17 AM

at fi4st you should try to disable CEC. If that does not help, connect the onkyo to the same HDMI Input on the TV with the same cable, used for the Panasonic to see if it is maybe a fold from the Input.
If that does work, i can only say to test the Panasonic on another TV.


11-15-2011, 11:54 AM
Hi Thomas,

thank you for your advice - i also thought, this might help!
And it helped - but the connection isn't perfect.
some white points will be on display after it and theres no problem with input-port oder used cable.
it might be a problem between philips an panasonic - may be only in that version.

i hope, philips will fix it with a new firmware.

the tv also seems to not to be "totaly round" functional.
sometimes, after a few player-tests i got the problem that the input-port didn't work any more.
only bluescreen of tv showing.
i need to put the tv complete of an on - than the connection are posible again.

also the menus sometimes where very slow. generely they are slower than other tvs.
it might be the used hardware will be overstrained with integrated application!

i like to try philips-tvs because of ambilight-idea, but i think, next won't be philips again if this might not be fixed :(

Philips - Thomas
11-18-2011, 10:19 AM
Hi ixgez

can you please change the cable and also make sure that the Panasonic has the latest Updates.