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11-10-2011, 02:18 PM
The PS3 Media Server, is a free open source media server like TwonkyMedia and Tversity.
It runs on a networked PC that does the streaming and transcoding.
It uses MediaInfo for parsing codec.
It is possible to give a priority for audio language and subtitles to the transcoded stream.
It is written for the PS3, but works great with my Philips TV and Home Theatre System.
Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

I wrote a PS3 Media Server renderer configuration profile file for the Philips TV 40PFL8605h_12 and HTS9520_12.

All audio and video codecs supported by the HTS9520_12 were programmed within the config file according the specs from 'Codec_table_all.xls'
This way only the unsupported codecs will be real-time transcoded.

Possible supported Philips players:

The next Philips home theatre systems are capable of supporting DLNA. (Info leaflets.)

HTS5220/12 HTS5590/12 HTS5590w/55 HTS9520/93
HTS5220/51 HTS5590/51 HTS9520/12 HTS9520/98
HTS5580/12 HTS5590/93 HTS9520/51 HTS9540/12
HTS5580/51 HTS5590/98 HTS9520/55

No European model: HTS5580W/F7

SoundBar Home Theatre Systems:


HTS and BDP models both have according the Philips specs from 'Codec_table_all.xls' the same specifications.
The config would also be tested on a BDP player that supports DLNA.

try it


11-11-2011, 01:54 AM
hi theleroy, i think it's great!!! though i dont have a PS3 but I like your idea. Correct me if I am wrong, this is my interpretation:

1) you use the PS3 as a wireless streaming centre.
2) so when you plug in a USB or hard disk to the PS3, it can decode and convert the files when it encounters some files that are not supported according to the codec table.
3) The files then will be streamed to your home cinema sound system for playback.

sorry i m not technical, but this is my understanding here...I thinks it will be useful to those who has a Home Cinema Sound set

11-11-2011, 09:33 AM
hi kwinnie,

Wrong interpretation.
No PS3 needed!

The PS3 Media Server is a media server like TwonkyMedia and Tversity.
It runs on a networked pc that do the real-time transcoding.
It is written for the PS3 but works with my Philips TV and HTS.

Sorry for editing the post after your question.