View Full Version : [Problem] App jumps always to main screen 2 after pressing subtitle button on page 1

11-13-2011, 06:05 PM

I have installed the MyRemote app 1.0.4 on the GoGearConnect 3. I can easily control my BDP9600 due to the Easylink feature of my Philips TV. However, I got a problem.


playing a AVI file on BDP together with SRT subtitle file (movie.avi, movie.srt)
to enable subtitle one need to press the subtitle button on the remote of the BDP twice

1st: no subtitle
2nd: first subtitle stream (in this case the SRT file)

MyRemote app problem:

app default main screen is always the 2nd one (out of 4)
the subtitle button is on the first screen, so I slide to the first one
I also need to use this button twice (same as on the BDP remote)

after pressing the button the first time the app automatically jumps to the 2nd main screen
now I need to go back again to complete my subtitle task (pressing the subtitle button the necessary 2nd time)
Why does the app jumps to page 2?

Can somebody confirm that?

Hope that can be fixed in a new release of the app


11-13-2011, 06:38 PM

well - if I press in TV mode the subtitle button it is good to automatically switch to the 2nd page to use the cursor keys to move in the subtitle menu...

But maybe, the App can recognize if I am in TV mode or in BDP mode...