View Full Version : 32PFL3606 DVB-C search: only one freq works

11-18-2011, 10:33 AM
Hello Forum Group,

I've got a problem with DVB-C channel searching on my new 32PFL3606H.

If I am starting a FULL search, then it finds only 10 channels. I checked on my old set-top-box, these are channels which are @ 370.00 MHz (broadcast: Invtel / Hungary). Then if I want to add some new freq (which are read from set top box) via CHANNEL INSTALLATION / DIGITAL RECEPTION TEST / FIND CHANNEL then the result is:

signal strength: 91
signal quality: 94
network: 1
channel: 0

and I can't store anything :X.

I tried to set the channel search options from FULL to ADVANCED.
I set freq manually to 308.00 and it found 8 another channels!
Then I set to 314.00 and it found another 7 channels, and so on.

So I can set all of my 70+ digital channels but ONLY 6-10 channels at a time :(

Firmware updated to latest TPM61E 2.19.

Thanks in advance for ANY help.


Philips - Thomas
11-21-2011, 10:28 AM
Hi dodoo

Can you please get in Contact with your Local Call Center: