View Full Version : Bad sound quality HTS9221

11-18-2011, 06:30 PM
How come everyone rates soundquality of this soundhub so high ??
One of the most important aspect of good speakers is ability to reproduce natural voices
The satellites makes a mess of this, and same for complex music.
I guess a lot of resonance and phase problems. Often music sounds sharp and awfull. (crystal clear sound?)
No way this can be compensated by onboard soundcontrol. Even an elcheapo headset sounds better.

Was this design bad from beginning, or a lack of quality control of components at Philips

It is a pity these satellites are no good, what makes it worse is that I cannot use other speakers
for reasons of nonstandard connectors.

This system could be a winner (design, flexibilty) if only they'd done a better job on the satellites

11-21-2011, 06:06 AM

I am actually thinking of getting it and thats why I went to a shop the other day to listen to it. I personally think that for a 2.1 system the sound is great!! I have tested several sound settings and was really convinced.

Did you try actually various set ups already? How is the environment where you place your speakers?

11-21-2011, 10:09 PM
To be honest, further "listen sessions"made me milder.
Maybe TV set was interfering (not on mute) with first session.

The overal frequency balance is very good, with a good controlled bas.

Still I think midrange for this speaker is a week point. Voices in general.
Not sure if human voice extends the crossover frequency between midrange and tweeter.
Could be phase problem between the speakers or resonance. Acoustics in the room
are not of influence (with bass it is a different story)

Maybe the satelites just give an honest presentation of the source material
but why don't I hear these false notes on my headphone ?

I would say 70% of my CD's sound really good, better than I ever heard.
The rest is hard to digest. So it little bit depends on what music you play.

I would say: take your own material with you when you go listening.