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11-21-2011, 08:59 PM
My NP3900 player is switched on and tuned to an Internet Radio channel. I pause playback by pressing the "play/pause" button the remote control (right arrowhead touching two vertical lines). Then I start MyRemote on my Android 2.3.3 phone. I select the NP3900 to control. It shows the radio station's logo, etc. The controls it shows are: skip-back, *pause* (two vertical lines), skip forward. The volume display shows the muted symbol (loudspeaker with a cross through it).

This incorrect. The control shown should be "play", not "pause". The playback is already paused.

If I press the "pause" control then the control symbol switches to "play" (right arrowhead) and the player starts to play. If I press the "play" button the player pauses, etc. The mode of the control is out of sync with the player.

This does not happen if MyRemote is started while playback is playing and not paused.

But now suppose playback is paused and the app correctly shows the "play" control. If I adjust the volume control then playback resumes but the control still shows "play". And if I touch "play" the player pauses, and vice versa. The mode of the control again gets out of sync with the player.

Serial number printed on the bottom of the NP3900 is: PT1A1130002295
From the settings menu on the NP3900:
"Software version: V G5.32S"

Apps says that the MyRemote app is version 1.0.4 released 17 August 2011, size 1.94MB

11-29-2011, 09:20 AM
The iPhone version of MyRemote exhibits the same misbehavior.

I observe that muting Internet radio has the same effect as "pausing" it. On the NP3900 screen in Internet Radio mode there is no "pause" function. On the NP3900 remote control, pressing the pause key has an effect indistinguishable from pressing the mute key. After pressing either key the NP3900 screen shows a stroked-out speaker symbol; it continues to display a single right arrowhead and the playing time continues to increase.

It seems, thus, that MyRemote fails to understand that "pause" means "mute" when applied to Internet Radio on the NP3900.

Workaround for users: Don't pause Internet radio; always mute it.

But still, the app should not malfunction when the user does issue a pause command.
Thomas Hood

12-02-2011, 05:09 PM
The simplest fix for MyRemote might be, simply, not to offer the play/pause control for radio streams.