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11-29-2011, 12:04 PM
In my search for a better UPnP control point app I've come across BubbleUPnP. There is lively discussion about this app at the xda-developers forum and the app's author is responsive to questions posed there. A participant in the discussion noted last month that BubbleUPnP fails to display the correct track duration of tracks played on a Philips NP3900. The BubbleUPnP developer replied that this is due to a bug in the NP3900.

I am posting this here because it seems like a way to bring this problem to the attention of the Philips firmware programmers.

The user wrote:

Streaming to Philips NP 3900:
When having selected in options "Show playing track time" = Remaining time:
In "now playing" on the left of the slider the elapsed time is displayed correctly. On the right hand side (that usually displays remaining time) nothing is displayed. The slider is always in start position.
In "playlist" elapsed time is shown (instead of time remaining)
The rest (e.g. track advance) is working fine, so there's only this small cosmetic problem.
Works fine on WDTV Live and Local renderer. Seems to be an issue with the Philips NP 3900. But with the available information (track length and elapsed time) it should be possible to show remaining time.

The BubbleUPnP author replied:

This indeed a bug of the NP 3900 reporting wrong duration for the track, probably 0, which is interpreted as "infinite length", for example for web streams. In that mode duration is not displayed nor can be used.
This probably could be workarounded using the track length from the Media Server which is usually known.

See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=18747416&postcount=204

Philips - Gary
12-01-2011, 10:41 AM
Hi jdthood,

Thanks for your feedback, as always this is much appreciated :).

I shall forward the information to our development team but cannot confirm what can be done about this a present.

Kind regards,