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Peter Walker
11-30-2011, 10:40 AM
I am trying to correctly program my Philips 42PFL7666K/02 TV on my Logitech Harmony 525 Remote Controller (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/440/6011?WT.z_sp=Image).

The TV was found in their database of preprogrammed codes allowing me to integrate the TV into my system.

As changing devices (TV, Sat, HDMIs, etc.) with the standard remote is actually quite complicated (e.g. press Source, select device from a list of devices starting at the current one by moving up or down and pressing OK) and clumsy, Logitech has provided a number of discrete codes to make such changes quickly and easily as follows:


By simply assigning a button to one of these codes, the desired function is switched immediately - or that is how it should be at least.

According to my tests, most of these codes work as expected, but not all as follows:

The code "InputTV" works perfectly by immediately switching to the "Watch TV" mode. "InputSat" is supposed to switch to the "Watch satellite" mode, but this does not happen. Instead I have noticed some strange things happening like although the TV is still showing in "TV" mode, the TV guide now lists the satellite programs instead which suggests that the code itself is correct.

This looks to me like a bug in the firmware where the InputSat code is not implemented properly. I suggest the engineers check this out so that it is fixed for the next firmware release.

Other codes that appear to act strangely are "InputVga", which does not appear to active the VGA input, and InputExt3 which does activate the VGA input.

One code that is needed, is a code to directly access the TV Guide. Does such a code exist or can such a code be added?

I also have a Philips Pronto remote as well, so if you can provide me with the correct hex codes for that, I should be able to use it.

Once added to the Logitech database, such a code would be available to everyone who owns these very popular remotes.

I have also reported this problem on the Logitech Harmony forum (http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Harmony-Remotes/InputSat-code-does-not-work-with-Philips-42PFL7666K-02-TV/m-p/736194).

I hope a solution can be found.



12-18-2011, 01:02 PM
Exactly the same problem here with an 47PFL7606K/02 and a Logitech Harmony One.
The TV does not recognize the InputSAT direct code. I would highly appreciate if someone from the Philips team could take care of these few "bugs". Of course it is primarily a Logitech issue, as Philips doesnt offer these direct codes on their own remotes.
However the Philips HMI is not really state of the art, a quite constant and complicated menu interaction due to missing remote buttons (eg. why is there no EPG or INFO button on the remote?), so at least there should be some working direct codes for alternative remotes.

Peter Walker
12-18-2011, 07:26 PM
Of course it is primarily a Logitech issue, as Philips doesnt offer these direct codes on their own remotes.

Philips make their own intelligent remotes. I have the Philips Pronto as well and having such codes is just as relevant to that remote as the Logitech (or any other type of programmable remote).

In the past, Philips has been very good at having intelligent codes for controlling the TV.

It therefore makes a lot of sense for Philips to provide good support for IR codes. Additionally, if people like us our happy with the way the TV can be controlled, the more we can tell others about it resulting in more TVs sold. Just look at how mayn people are members of the forums for the harmony and pronto remotes, alone.

I am surprised that nobody from Philips has responded. However, if they just fix the problem in the next firmware update (when?), I will be happy on this issue. Adding more functions (like direct link to the EGP and recordings) would be great and I for one would certainly post in the relevant forums praising Philips for their excellent customer support.



12-20-2011, 05:47 PM
Peter, hab Dir ne PM geschickt.