View Full Version : You may possible need a Firmware update to play a Blu Ray flawless Situation...

11-30-2011, 12:18 PM
I wonder if in most cases this ongoing playback issues are a "copy protection issue"?

If it is, how can the Major Labels not send you as Player manufactors Informations "first place" about new Protection shemes and a quick patch you can add to your Firmwares "before" a Retail Release Date?

As a customer i feel like an Idiot to waste my money for ongoing Discs which only seem to play accurate if you, as a developer of Hardware ( also others of course )
buy a Issued Disc, analyze this, contact the Labels, ask for Protection Code, insert code , test on all manufactored Players again and then release it in a Firmware.

This is a Situation which is unaccaptable for Blu Ray buying, paying customers and also for you as a manufactors of Players. And also not everyone is familar with Firmware Updates and should be forced to install a Firmware on and on for Blu Ray Disc Playback Issues which is also always a tiny risk if it may fail.

Firmware Updates should be there for technical Improvement and not for the copy Protection Disc Mess the Labels seem to insert.

Since as i see Warner seems to ongoing produce Issues with non accurate playing Blu Rays in many Players
i wonder if the best would be to simply send them their Crap "Issued" Blu Ray Releases back to force them to release Dics which are globally playable in any Player.

12-01-2011, 06:52 AM
i agree to some extent :)
heard this story from Philips when there are some first issued Blu-ray disc. it s like no one expect the Blu-ray disc contains something like java. no one expect a Blu-ray players to play those pragramming code for PC. and its primary function is not decoding that. but since those are added to the BDlive content, then the disc cannot be played... of coz they then have to fix this... and like wt you say, they are now trying to cope with each and every issued discs... appreciate their effort... and at the same time understand it wudnt be that easy as some of us think as there can be real a lot issued disc...