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12-01-2011, 11:06 AM
I have a piece of audio in 24-bit/96kHz stored as WAV file on USB and want to play it. The result is a terrible noise coming out of the speakers, with in the background (almost impossible to hear) the music. For people who ever tried to play a DTS track on an audio system that does not support it, will know what kind of noise I mean.

When playing the very same file on my PC, there is absolutely no issue.
I also tried to put the audio in an MKV container, but the result is the same.

Should the HTS3560 be able to play audio or video that contain 2.0 or 5.1 sound in 24-bit/96kHz format?

I am planning to buy me an original BluRay Disc disc that also contains 24-bit/96kHz audio on BluRay, and I don't want to be dissappointed if it turns out that HTS3560 cannot play the audio on this BluRay properly. I am referring to the Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Immersion Box set which will cost 140 Euro's.

What is the problem here?

12-02-2011, 02:34 AM
have you choose the right setting on your device for 24bit/96KHz?

if that cannot be played even you hv the correct settings, i suggest to check codec:

12-02-2011, 07:47 AM
kwinnie, what 'setting' are you referring to? There is not much to 'set' on the HTS3560....Or are you referring to the 'Advanced settings' [Beter geluid]/[Enhanced audio] which according to the manual switches the audiopostprocessing in the speakers on/off?

As for the codec check list, WAV supports up to 1.4Mbps. If my calculation are right, 24-bit/96kHz 6-channel would require a bitrate of 24 x 96000 x 6 = 13.824 Mbps, which indeed would explain why WAV did not work.
The only format that would match this rate would then be PCM codec in a *.mka container (27.648 Mbps). I did try PCM within *.mkv (which I guess would be the same as *.mka only with dummy/black video added) but that did not work.

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02-01-2012, 10:05 AM
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