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12-04-2011, 12:48 AM
Once upon a time there was a young nerd. he liked music though and had quite some of his hard drives filled with digital copies of all the music he had bought during his nerdy life so far. he was happy with all his hard drives attached to various pcs and macs and even his smartphones could connect to his wonderful resource of relief he got during his nerdy days and nights.

but then this young nerd stumbeld over some news most likely in an rss feed that some world famous company might turn his nerdy life into a life that might even be compatible with a women. he ever so far thought a woman would just not fit into his nerdy life just because she would not even be able to listen to music in his nerdy home.

but now there was this news: a new streaming device. it looked stylish. or at least the young nerd found it stylish compared to his brick like hard drives and pcs. and it promised...to play music! from his hard drives! from the internet! even good old cds would slip into the nice little slit someone had designed into this device.

he hardly believed it. could this be true? a device that would give him that chance to break free from his nerdy life? he believed it! he bought the device and when he got it delivered to his nerdy home it was like sunshine that hit the walls of his room. he almost heared the music already coming from this little thing still nicely packed into its uterus like sales package with all the nice words on it that remined the young nerd a bit of some bullshit bingo terms they used in the young nerds company.

so he brought the thing to life! he carefully peeled it out of its protective layers, attached it to the power outlet and...

...then he was despiteously sent back to an even more nerdy life than he ever had so far. The device restarted randomly. the cds slipped in but did not play. he tuned to internet radios but almost died while waiting for the first sound to appear at his ears. and worst: he could not search through his thousands of music titles.

but the young nerd would not have been a young nerd if this would have triggered him immedeatly to send back this thing to where he got it from. no. the young nerd started to do what he always did when he stumbled over something that did not work: he was looking for a solution. and he found one: deep down in some almost perfectly hidden deep corner of the menu the device offered him in the rare moments it reacted to his pushes on the remote an option "software update".

the young nerd awoke every day now with hope. he hoped that the people that inserted the reason for his hope into the menu would make it happen. that the nice device would just do all the things correctly the bullshit bingo words on the package had promised. without restart. quickly! he even hoped that some new features might be added that might make life even easier for him and his nice looking device.

but his hope was never replaced with facts. one time his dreams semed to have come true. the device offered him an update. not by itselves of course. he still had to digg into the menu every day to ask the device to ask his creators if they did something new. but now there was the update! the young nerd started it. actually he was really happy.it reminded him of some of the nerdiest things did so far and he smiled silently.

but life is hard. very hard. the update just had....no effect! he saw a new version number but...all the problems were still there. no improvements had been included. nothing!

...and the young nerd lived unhappily ever after.

12-04-2011, 12:50 AM
taken over from streamium cafe:

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Ok, I think instead of feeling sorry for yourself it might be good to at least give more details as modelnumber, settings etc....
here you go> MCi298/12, connected to WLAN router. Acer WHS running TwonkyMediaServer (always updated to latest version) serving 10'000+ music titles, photos, video, some other streaming clients (PCs and standalone devices) which work very nice but do not look that nice though, 16Mbit DSL Internet connection. Settings is not much to say about as there is not much to set besides the time which changes from time to time. Ok, it should change every minute from y:x to y:x+1 for x<60 and some more conditions I do not want to place here, but I do not expect it to change to 00:00 on other occasions than one minute after having changed to 23:59. Ok, one more setting: Languge "german", Location "Germany" which btw. does not change any of the unremoveable preset Internet Radio favourites I never want to listen to as they are from some other country whoose language I do not understand as good as german (this might be the reason why this text contains more lexical and grammatical errors than it should).

Originally Posted by lucas1970 View Post
At the moment I don´t feel very sorry for you since nobody can help you with the story you gave.............
I did not ask for help with this story or someone to feel sorry for me. You might have recognized that I have put it into the "Your Streamium Story" section. I did that for purpose. Because it is a story. The request for fixes (yes fixes, not help as I and lot of other users do not need help but just fixes of a very bad software) can be seen here: http://www.streamiumcafe.com/vBullet...ad.php?t=23179

So please do not continue here in this story section with "helping" me.

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So cheer up give more info and lets see what happens
Yes, please, but not here. This is story telling, not helping

12-05-2011, 01:59 AM
hi, the young nerd has a MCi298/12?
and the problems are
1) The device restarted randomly.
2) the cds slipped in but did not play.
3) he tuned to internet radios but almost died while waiting for the first sound to appear at his ears.
4) he could not search through his thousands of music titles.

12-05-2011, 07:21 AM

This is a whishlist that was build up in the old streamium forum.


Philips - Gary
12-05-2011, 10:22 AM
Hi fröschl,

I'm very sorry to hear you (among others) have experienced issues using this product, we do take all such reports seriously and will naturally look into the issues mentioned above.

If you are looking for Product Support we do have a sub-forum for this purpose, I would recommend making a post there so that we may provide you with the appropriate support and updates.


Kind regards,