View Full Version : I'd like to eat my words ...

12-05-2011, 07:08 AM
After an initial difficult period and 5 (!!!) repairs within 6 months my BDP9500 was finally giving me some enjoyment.

I even wrote enthousiastically on here about this player ... until now

Started playing up again.
1) Wouldn't start The Season of the Witches - had to open and close tray 3 times
2) New Harry Potter image stuttered

I thought it was coincidence and nothing serious, till I listened to a cd yesterday.
New problem : audio drop-outs via hdmi on several discs and when the audio returned after 10 seconds or so the cd sounded much nicer.

Well, maybe the player is homesick for the Philips repair centre ? After all - it hasn't been there since April. A new record !

How many times does a top of the range Philips BDP have to be sent back before Philips gives a new one ? Or even more appropriately : GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY ? :mad:

12-14-2011, 08:55 AM
I also have this problem with the latest Harry Potter 7.2:-(
Sadly I had to bring back this machine three times within a 2 years time frame . Once for a failing HDMI connection, it kept dropping and twice for not loading BD25 discs.
The other small problem which they can't fix is the dropping HDMI connection after FFWD, REW or skipping a chapter, but this isn't that much disturbing.

For the rest this is a great machine with near to perfect PQ.