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12-09-2011, 05:53 PM
I really do not know if this is the correct place to post it. But in my opinion it should match.

It is annyoing if your dlna streaming is interrupted by anything. Be it slow wlan connection, network errors or just because someone want's it.
I think many people have no problem to start the movie again. But here comes it. Lets say you are watching lord of the rings (extended edition) part 3 and your stream crashes after 2.5 hours of watching...
I think you allready know what i mean.

How long would it take to fast forward at the current state to the position you were?

I do not want to calculate it. It is better you do not know it... (guess: 30min+)

How about a function that you can use and just jump to a time in the movie? Lets say you open it through the options menu and you are asked to what time you want to go. Just insert the time: 1-8-0 and hit ok!. And you can go on watching the movie. If you missed the exactly spot where you were it is no problem. The fast forwarding will help you to jump a couple of minutes but not hours! This easy function has another advantage. If you want to show friends some nice scenes of the movie you can do so without saying: "Lets wait 20min fast forwarding the movie then you can see what i meant!". Ok not every movie has 4hours but at least 90min. Even that is a lot of time to fast forward!

So... What do others think of it?

12-10-2011, 07:27 AM
I would like to have this feature, too.

12-10-2011, 09:30 AM
+1 for the idea of entering the "jump-to" time in minutes using the keys. I like that!

On a side note: what would also work, if the fast-forward would supported larger factors (e.g. up to 128x) Then, jumping to 2:30h would take 70sec, which still would be ok.

For USB, this should work in any case, which would be great.
But I've read somewhere that not all DNLA servers don't support "time seek", only "ff/rev" and maybe "byte seek". In that case, even if the TV supported it, it might not work over DNLA.

12-10-2011, 09:39 AM
But I've read somewhere that not all DNLA servers don't support "time seek", only "ff/rev" and maybe "byte seek". In that case, even if the TV supported it, it might not work over DNLA.

Do you mean a higher fast forward speed is not supported by dlna servers or the jump-to feature?
I think jump-to couldn't be that hard because the tv allready knows where he is maybe 20:26 and he knows how long the whole file is because he shows an which position he is.

12-10-2011, 04:53 PM
In my case: I use Twonky media server on a qnap NAS.
With Samsung TV the jump-to feature works fine.

Perpetual Beta
12-10-2011, 05:50 PM
For media playing "jump to" and/or "skip nn minutes forward/backwards" are essential features.

BTW / Media player user Interface (e.g. 42PSL7456K/02, FW Q5551-
- Not only the current time, but also the total time should be displayed while playing back videos.
- Long filenames with length of up to 250 chars are common with all actual OS, but shorted to unreadability. On an endless wide Full HD screen. My 100 bucks external media player is displaying long filenames on a PAL CRT TV. As "ticker under cursor".

12-22-2011, 05:57 PM
The feature itself would be nice but i doubt it that we will see it implemented in the near future.

Anyway... Try out Wild Media Server it does all you want. Even live transcoding for dts, fixed 720p video playing (yay no more egg heads) and you can watch from an intervall of x minutes (1, 5, 10 and so on) so you can just jump to the time you want :)

could it be any better ?

p.s. live transcoding for mkv to watch on your ps3 is allso included ;)

12-23-2011, 06:30 AM
Yes, this is a valid feature request, I also miss that.

If you have a a 2h video and you have stopped it after 90mins or the TV crashed or similar, it is a real pain to do fast forward for 90mins.

Philips - Thomas
12-23-2011, 10:05 AM
Hi Guys,

Sorry to say but we dont have this feature right now and there are no plans to have it in the future.
But we never know, if there is any chance to have i will keep you informed.


dog soldier
12-31-2011, 12:31 PM
Hi Guys,

Sorry to say but we dont have this feature right now and there are no plans to have it in the future.
But we never know, if there is any chance to have i will keep you informed.


Sorry to say but i think this is a must have for a tv like this.....i hope that it will be implemented in the future

dog soldier

01-02-2012, 10:42 AM
"Resume Play" is not merely 'a feature' it is 'default behaviour' for all/any streaming devices
No "Resume" at all on Video streaming is a programming mistake only a rookie could make
Renders Video streaming almost redundant on Philips TV
= However much Philips invested in this useless feature is money wasted

01-02-2012, 03:36 PM
Having the same feeling as other, since it is supported by DLNA why not support it in the TV his player.

Would be great if we would have the source from philips, then the community would make this available...

01-09-2012, 02:28 PM
I also think "Resume Play" is a must have feature. Too many times on my 26PDL4906H I stop playing my video and I need to resume but I cannot.

01-17-2012, 02:49 PM
I agree with all posters above about this feature. I think it's crazy to support DLNA but not any other time-skipping feature than 2x FF/RWD. Can it really be that costly adding this?

01-17-2012, 03:29 PM
I would be ok also if providing additionally one faster forward/backward. Something you can skip an hour of film within a few seconds. Like 10s-15s for an hour of film.

01-17-2012, 03:37 PM
Hi Guys,

Sorry to say but we dont have this feature right now and there are no plans to have it in the future.
But we never know, if there is any chance to have i will keep you informed.


TVs are getting more and more an integrated multimedia device which provides access to a lot of media from different sources.
The future user won't buy a stack of devices to have an optimized one to play 1. from network, 2. from internet vod service A, 3. from vod service B. It is much more comfortable to buy one advanced TV which provides a comfortable user experience. And fast forward/backward is a minimum for video playback.

NetTV with its vod services can replace the video store/video rental service around the corner and a DVD-Player/Bluray-Player with all that effort you have to rent a video!
But to support that, the user wants this features.

Let's make a difference...

06-10-2012, 10:31 PM
I also would really appreciate this enhancement.

Especially that my video playback crashes when I change 2D->3D->2D conversion during playback or display scheme from anything to cinema od from cinema to anything... After that crash TV want back to television mode and I had to play movie again and fast forward to to the position I was...
TV: 46PFL5507

09-11-2012, 10:25 AM
This is a basic function that I would also appreciate. The previous posts illustrate the problems in a clear manner. This function would make movie watching easier for everyone using dlna (which is alot people). Why not implement it?

10-03-2012, 10:24 AM
I have a 42PFL4007H/12 model and i can't jump forward in videos when watching over DLNA. Over usb external hdd jumping forward works fine.
Didn't quite understand the posts here, is this normal behavior or should the jumping forward/backward work with my tv over DLNA? Pause the video works fine.
Tried with Philips Media Server and Twonky.

10-29-2012, 05:02 PM
I've got the same issue for my 32PFL4007H/12. Jump to time should be a basic feature. At least we should be able to FF to 1,2..x minutes. Also the subtitles don't work over DLNA. How hard can it be to implement this? So much for Smart TV. I think I'm going to return this one and get a Samsung or LG.

11-06-2012, 07:02 AM
FF works with PS3 Media Server and if i remember correctly subtitles work also with this program. You can download it from here:

11-06-2012, 07:25 AM
I'm not saying it doesn't work, it's just really really slow to FF, it should jump to a few minutes not seconds. I hate that it randomly stops sometimes and it's a real pain to FF back to the initial position.

PS3 media server does not stream subtitles, at least not without having to transcode, this is not viable if you have limited cpu power like a smart router or NAS. I've tried most media servers and it does not work.

Dmitry Perets
12-29-2012, 07:35 PM
I am just another guy who is unhappy with Philips software... I've got a TV with a perfect picture, but with completely unusable software! Streaming subtitles? Doesn't work. Jumping to time? Doesn't work. Displaying flash videos in the web browser? Doesn't work. Searching youtube with keyboard? Doesn't work. What is it all for then?!

I was looking for two basic things.
1. I wanted to watch videos from my PC on the big TV screen.
2. I wanted to watch videos from the web on the big TV screen.
Is something of the above special? Does something of the above not appear on Philips website in the advertisement of their SmartTVs?

So why did I spent almost 600 EUR and couldn't do any of those?
Watching videos from PC is unusable, because you have to watch the whole movie at once - because you can't jump to where you've stopped. And you have to work really hard to stream the subtitles.
Watching videos from the web is almost impossible, because searching in youtube app only with the remote control is TERRIBLE. You spend 5 minutes just to type the search string! Did anybody in Philips try it? And besides youtube - well, Flash is not supported, so it's just impossible.

Wow... I really couldn't think that I would get something like that from Philips!
Fortunately, I have 14 days to return the device. I will do it of course. And I really hope that many other people will do that! Because maybe then this completely unusable software will be updated...

Sorry... But really, it is terrible...

01-02-2013, 08:30 AM
I TOTALY agree with Dmitry, the software quality is outrageous!!!
Here is a short list of the issues I have experienced with my 55PFL8007 model:
1. After the TV has been turn on the remote takes around 20-30 second until it start to be responsive, if the sound level is high (initially) there is no way to turn it off or lower it.
2. The responsiveness of the volume is very bad and delayed sometimes by 1-2 seconds (depend on TV applications load)
3. The streamer does not support Latin-1 character set – HUGE disappointment as I am from Israel, most of the multimedia content I consume is from movies and shows I download on my PC and to be able to show subtitles I need to use another tool to embedded them into the video (time consuming and disappointing due to the fact the Samsung got full support in this)
4. Sometimes the streamer is stuck (mostly when loading a movie), after that one of the following will happened :
a. The streamer stop from working and will not allow to be used anymore (even if you close the streamer) – strange blue empty screen appear (will only get back to life after start-up of the TV)
b. The TV channels will not be appeared (black screen) – need to restart the TV.
5. Many Audio Codex that are not supported (as part of the movies)
6. Many issues with movie been stuck / buffered during the movie (occur with HD movies)
7. Internet browser is very slow in most (all) of the sites, not usable at all.
8. The pointer feature is implemented only in the browsing part of the Smart TV and not in the applications and the history / favorite screen.
9. The Wireless connection (WIFI) is disconnecting now and then and the router password needs to be inserted again and again (the TV do not remember the password – basic requirement)
10. The TV is sometimes stuck in black screen and only disconnect the TV from the plug help to resolve this.
11. The workflow is problematic and not easy to use (options, setup, source…)
12. Many small usability issues with “Back” button that do not work correctly in the internet browser and gets you out in the setup screen.
13. Poor selection in the Smart TV applications (compare to Samsung)

It seems like the fact that Philips do not go all the way regards what is important to the user (usability and quality) cost her the market share in the TV business this is a shame is it seems that the gap is not that big and can be easily achieved.

01-22-2013, 08:18 AM
Due to all other issues this firmware is (or was in some minor cases) giving us, this was less of an issue for now.

But after using this TV for several months I'm slowly but gradually getting more annoyed with a lack of proper FFWD or time-jumping possibilities.

This is to me a feature so basic to ANY mediaplayer that I didn't even care to test for this option in the shop nor check for FFWD/time-jumping in the reviews. Just another displeaser, with a frustrating response from Philips not to follow-up.