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12-10-2011, 01:14 AM

I am just wondering how many people out there are happy/unhappy with wifi media connect.
I have my TV's(more than 2!!) for over 10 months now and wifi media connect works randomly.

When I connect it to my LAN its fine 70% of the time. But I have to upgrade my router everytime i want to project to my TV's. Which is really annoying (AP Wlan to lan block issue).

For example i want to project my laptop on my Philips Tv. I have to upgrade my router configuration everytime ( so I logon to the router and reflash firmware with correct one that works with media connect). Then i switch on my Tv and wait for router to re-boot. I plug in my cable to my laptop, after a few mins wait I get the found TV. Its a bit of a joke seeing as its suppose to be wifi media connect (simple plug and play).

In fairness to the admins on this site they try their best to help. But I feel that the developers in philips pushed this product out the door without proper testing. They have left their helpdesk staff high and dry.

Router configs, bad wifi reception, security on lan's , firewalls etc.. did the developers even consider these.

All in all i am dissatisfied with the philips wifi media connect, its a product that should not have been launched without proper testing. I am just wondering what other opinions are?


12-12-2011, 10:27 AM
so you have a router which blocks traffic from Wlan to Lan...
and it seems like you have a costume firmware... whats has philips to do with your router configuration?
i own a Fritzbox 7270 and i have serveral other Routers at home, even this "non configurable routers" from some german internet providers and i have no problem at all.
Sure, if i would use a Linksys with tomatoe firmware where i can set up everything (and so everything wrong) i would have the same problems but what has philips to do with this?
right, nothing.
i have a linksys with tomatoe but i dont expect things to work ootb with this thing...

12-15-2011, 07:58 PM
Hi a_Tom,

"whats has philips to do with your router configuration?" eh alot... seeing as they advertise a service that will not work without my router!!!


Just like magic it does not work!!

If its so easy how are so many people having problems?

I am delighted to hear you are not having any issues.
But alot of people here are buying a product that does not work as simply as "philips" say.

this is not the only issue people should be aware of.
The Tv's don't do a lot as expected.

As the TV is on my lan I thought i would be able to setup a web server and display content on the TV not so. The philips TV's go to a proxy site for every address. so Local ip camera's you cannot see local web service... etc are not possible.

Just try out youtube, the majority of content is not displayed!!

I am trying to make people aware of these issues before they spend their money.

The sales guys in the shops, good as they are, do not know these issues unless they own one them selves


12-19-2011, 04:04 AM
I just bought my Philips 55PFL5706. It comes with Wifi MEDIA Connect. I thought this is Intel's WiDi. But after reading through this forum and having so many problems with WiFi Media Connect. I now realize Wifi Media Connect is NOT WiDi.
Correct me if I am wrong, but Philips Media Connect goes through your Wifi network (this is where most problems arises). But Intel's WiDi does not, it has its own dedicated WiFi (802.11n) connection.
My reason for buying this TV are: NetTV and WiDi. Well, NetTV works, but it does not have Hulu, and the remote control does not have keyboard like Vizio does for you to type in Alhpa characters when you need to enter search keywords. It is such a nightmare to use the arrow key moving through the on-screen keyboard. I am amazed that philips can even sell such a poorly designed product.
I now am deciding if I want to drag this heavy TV back to the store and return it.
It's a nice TV, but the NetTV and Wif Media Connect features simply are mediocor. You will be better off buying a TV without these features, then buy seperate blue ray/netTV, and a seperate adoptpor for Intel's WiDi.

Philips - Thomas
12-19-2011, 06:41 AM

Wifi media Connect is a Philips Software to share your Desktop on the TV. Via either Wifi or LAN.
Intel Widi is the same Idea but its intel owned and has nothing to do with Wifi Media Connect.


01-14-2012, 03:38 PM

Wifi media Connect is a Philips Software to share your Desktop on the TV. Via either Wifi or LAN.
Intel Widi is the same Idea but its intel owned and has nothing to do with Wifi Media Connect.


Thanks Philips - Thomas
and for all the help on ths forum.
In my opinion the arch/design from philips for the wifi media connect is flawed. They never should have sent the data over personal wifi routesr.
but hey its only an opinion...


01-18-2012, 07:18 PM

Appears u were Correct. I had to buy a new router.