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12-15-2011, 07:50 PM
I have the GoGear Android Connect and have followed the directions for stopping a running application but have had no success in actually stopping the radio. Its very frustrating because if I want to switch to music on Rhapsody or Songbird the songs there will start playing but the radio is still playing overtop that music. I have to completely turn off the device each time I want to stop the radio. Has anyone else experienced this or have a trick to share? Compared to my 1st Gen iPad and the ease of which you can close applications on that I am very disappointed with this feature so far.

12-18-2011, 05:22 AM
to stop the radio playing open the radio application and tap the speaker icon that's in the same box that the station number is in. if done correctly you will see an X through the speaker and you will not hear it any more

12-19-2011, 04:23 PM
Thanks Boondocksaintsfan, that did at least mute the sound of the radio but it doesn't stop the application from running and draining the battery. Anyone with ideas to stop the application?

12-19-2011, 11:11 PM
install an app killer like advanced app killer or something. thats how i turn off applications

Philips - Andrea
12-20-2011, 03:14 PM
Dear Aylee101,

You can close the applications on your GoGear Connect in the following way:

Menu Button (see pic) > Manage Apps > Running (top right corner)

You can then select the app you want to close and press stop. This will then prevent any further audio overlap you have described with the radio and your music tracks.

Kind regards,


12-20-2011, 05:31 PM
Dear Andrea with Philips,

As I mentioned in my original post, I've tried stopping the radio application in the way described in the user manual - which is the same as you've described - but that does not actually stop the applications. It will disappear from my list of running applications but the music still keeps going. For that matter, there may also be other running applications that I think are stopped but are really still running in the background draining my battery. The ONLY way I've found to stop the running application is to completely power down my device.

Philips - Andrea
12-21-2011, 12:11 PM
Dear Aylee101,

Having looked into the issue, I have not been able to re-create the audio overlap once the app has been closed.

So, in this case, if powering off your player is the only way to stop the application I would like to suggest the following:

Perform a RESET using a pin or pen nib, then try closing the radio as per my last post/ manual.
Please also check for any System updates: Menu button > Settings > Information > System Updates (please note that you will need to be connected to Internet to update if there is one available).
However, if the above suggestions do not resolve the audio overlap issue then unfortunately as your player is behaving unusually I would recommend that you contact your local customer support team for further assistance: http://www.support.philips.com/support/catalog_selector.jsp#/headernav/support

(http://www.support.philips.com/support/catalog_selector.jsp#/headernav/support)Kindest regards,

01-10-2012, 02:58 PM
From my experience with Android, things like Music and FM Radio are services, meaning they can run in the background while you check your mail or play Angry Birds (for example). If you BACK out of the Radio App (not going straight to Home), it should ask you if you want to either exit or run in background. The other option is to try the App setting from within the app. The other option is instead of going to Running Services, go to Manage - "Radio" (I don't know what your App is called) - Clear Cache, then Force Close. That should stop it. You may also just need to stop it a couple of times from Running Services before it actually stops. Some running services just want to run after they've been started and it takes a couple of tries to get them to stop.
Force closing may cause a hiccup when you try to start it again; you may need to reboot.
I've found this method to work across all my Android devices to work when dealing with Apps that are doing things I don't want them too.
Do you have Market access? the final option is to not use the pre-installed Radio App and get one from the Market that you like.