View Full Version : MyRemote thumbnail/list/grid browsing of uPNP server

12-16-2011, 12:14 PM
I'm looking into combined DLNA & internet radio players that can be controlled from a tablet, either via a DLNA control point or via proprietary remote-control protocols. There are a few of these appearing now, including the NP3500 which is what I'm looking at.

The remote control app is an important piece of the system and I'm wondering about its user interface when browsing a uPnP content directory. Could someone answer the following questions for me?

1. Is the content directory presented as a text list, a text list with a small thumbnail (the cover art of the file) at the side, or a grid of large thumbnails with captions? (Ideally, I'd like a graphical browser showing artwork in a grid rather than as a text list)

2. Does the app make full use of the bigger display of an iPad?

3. Does the app, and indeed the Streamium device itself, extract artwork from FLAC files or is it limited to MP3 metadata?

4. Is it possible to select another uPnP/DLNA device as a target instead of a Streamium device? (In other words, is the app effectively a uPNP control point?)

5. Is it possible to queue songs and whole albums or is the app limited to selecting tracks to play immediately? And is it possible to rearrange & delete items in the current queue, jump between items in the queue, clear the queue, and shuffle/random play the queue?

Many thanks!