View Full Version : DVI (PC) to HDMI (TV) expected, HDMI (PC) to HDMI (TV) also fine? 32 PF 7411

12-18-2011, 01:38 AM
Hello everyone,

in the printed manual on page 16 "Using the TV as a PC Monitor"

1 HDMI 1 or HDM 2 input MUST be connected to the DVI output of the PC. Use a DVI to HDMI adaptor to do the connection.

My notebook has only a HDMI plug. No DVI plug. Right now I connected the TV using a normal HDMI to HDMI cable. I can see the windows desktop but I have some problems finding a proper resolution where I can use the full screen size and while a quadrat in a picture (for example 5cm times 5cm) is still a shown as a quadrat on the TV. The wide side is always to big and therefore horizontal lengthened.

Does the TV expect a DVI (notebook) to HDMI (TV) cable in order to function as correctly?

Windows does already recognize as Plug and Play monitor. So am I already fine?

Or should I by a HDMI to DVI adapter, plug it into the notbook, connect a DVI (adapter) to HDMI (TV) cable? What I mean is,
would HDMI (notebook) --> HDMI to DVI adapter --> DVI to HDMI cable to TV. Would that work better or is this a bad idea?

Any help much appreciated.

Philips - Thomas
12-21-2011, 12:42 PM

to be able to answer you we need more Details on your TV and on the used PC.
Graphics Card, Firmware on the TV etc...


12-21-2011, 07:57 PM
Hi Thomas,

thanks for helping me...

notebook: Satellite L650-1NC
graphic card: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650

Firmware... Well. That's a good question I'd like to answer.

I was searching on http://www.support.philips.com/support/find_product.jsp?userLanguage=en&userCountry=de for 32PF7411 because that is that what the manual says. But I found only 32PF7411/10 not exactly sure if that is right.



It says it's a device from 2006. Not sure that's right but it's a older device. It may be so. Manual looks similar.

On that page it doesn't say anything about firmware, firmware check, firmware update and so on. At least I do not see anything about it. Maybe the device is to old to have a firmware which may be updated by the costumer.

I do not know how to find out the current firmware version. Tell me please how to find out.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. Thank you again!

Philips - Thomas
12-22-2011, 06:27 AM

by the Time this TV was sold, HDMI on PC Graphics Cards was not common, DVI was. Thats why it is written in the manual.
If your PC recognizes the TV and if you can expand the Desktop to the 2nd Monitor (TV) everything is fine.