View Full Version : Disk recogised 3d not compatible

12-19-2011, 12:25 AM
I Im looking for some assistance, I have just brought a philips 42" 7000 seris 3d tv. However i have set it up (with specially brought 3dhdmi lead) to my playstation (which has latest version updated) but disk says it cant play not supported. so I reset factory settings on playstation but played the movie in HD not 3d. i took my playstation to the store today where i purchased the tv the hooked it up the the desplay tele and the same thing happend disk says its not supported. they then inserted their demo 3d disk into my playstation and it played fine. I took DVD (cars 2 3d) back to tescos and brought horrid henry 3d for the kids of course selected 3d but again played in 2d. i selected automatic on the 3d menu on tv made no difference so selcted side by side & top and bottom this turned it into 3d but unwatchable please help kids have been wearing glasses for passed 48 hrs would love to get it sorted for them tonight.