View Full Version : Widescreen Option does not work 40PFL7705DV/F7

12-20-2011, 05:05 AM
I have a 40PFL7705DV/F7, software out of the box is PHL_0DA_713_0

I just bought it today. All the TV stations are coming in as 4:3 with side black bars. We have tried changing the setting to Auto or Wide Screen but it does not make the screen wide enough to make it full screen.

If we change it to 4:3 it gets very small width. The Auto & Wide Screen are a little wider but not much, and are the same. So the black bars remain no matter what I watch.

I thought I would see 40" by buying a 40" TV. This one looks like a 32" now, but maybe a little taller.

Can anyone help me set this so it will fill the entire screen? (stretch it out?)

Thanks, Carol

Philips - Thomas
12-20-2011, 06:18 AM
Hey Carol,

how do you receive your TV Signal?
are there any other Devicex connected to you TV, how does the Picture look like for this Devices?


12-20-2011, 07:13 PM

Thank you so much for responding.

As this is a new TV and I was going to return it for this reason, I did call just a little while ago and Phillips Tech Support told me it's a AT&T U-verse issue. I called them and indeed, they had me change some settings on the cable box and voila ! It now works.

Thank you so much. On to finding out what else this so far very nice TV can do!

Regards, Carol