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12-29-2011, 12:48 PM
Does anyone know what credentials I should use to login to picasa through net tv? It says "Sign in to Picasa Albums with you r Google account". The username and password for this account are not accepted. Even though it is accepted logging into picasa on my laptop or smartphone.

Please help. I have just bought the 42PFL7606H last week.

01-04-2012, 05:11 PM
Hi Botje,

you should Picasa credentials. So, just to be sure we're on the same level; on your computer go to https://picasaweb.google.com, the credentials you use there, you should fill in in the NET TV app Picasa.

Dont ask my why, I think it is a bad design since on your computer you can view albums as well without logging in! (public albums that is ..)


04-15-2013, 11:56 AM
Am receiving in my new 47pfl6907 Picasa Smart-App
Invalid login, please try again.
In the Internet-App I can see my albums but no slideshows.
I am using same credentials in both apps.
Any ideas where could find help?

05-26-2013, 03:52 PM
I'm experiencing exactly the same problem as you describe. I cannot login to my Picasa account either.

Good ideas would be appreciated........ :-)

06-29-2013, 11:22 AM
I guess that no one at Philips ever bothered to just login with a Google Picasa account since by now we do not have an answer. I myself am a technical support (not TV related) guy and the first thing you have to do is try to replicate the error described by a customer. And I also tried Picasa from Philips and it won't log in with account name@gmail.com or just with account_name. So, it's just a useless application !

08-01-2013, 02:14 PM
I recognized the same problem when I was trying to log in with the app several times in the last hours.
Could anybody from Philips try to solve the problem, please.