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Philips - QK
01-03-2012, 05:25 AM
We always would like to give you the best support so that you can optimize the product performance the best.
You can configure your Sound Hub for maximum impact with advice from the professionals:

1. Place the center speaker below the TV, facing the center of your audience. This way you experience picture and dialogue sounds from the same origin, the way the cinema engineer intended.

2. The center speaker delivers powerful sound; avoid placing it on top of the main unit, so the sound vibrations don't interfere with the disc reading.

3. You still get good sound from placing the speakers on the ground or on high shelves, but the best sound is achieved by aligning the speakers with your ears. This lets you hear more detail, especially at high frequencies.

4. Try to place the speakers at least 50 centimeters away from the walls. This lets the sound spread through your space for a room-filling sound experience.

5. Place your front speakers equal distance from each other and from the listening area, about 2 to 3 meters apart, roughly in the shape of an equilateral triangle. This improves the stereo width and the surround sound experience in the centre of the room.

6. To get optimal sound the rear speakers should also be 2 to 3 meters apart, facing the front, again forming an equilateral triangle from the listening area.

7. The subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room as long as it’s at least 1 meter away from the main unit. This prevents sound vibrations from interfering with the disc reader. Leave about 10 centimeters between the subwoofer and the wall to let sound carry with the airflow.

8. Obsessed with replicating the ‘live’ experience? Then place your subwoofer on the right side of your TV and home theater system – the bass and brass section of an orchestra are traditionally located on that side.

9. Great sound also depends on your home environment. A room with curtains and carpet helps to dampen the noise reflections for more authentic sound. Speakers and subwoofers out in the open also produce better sound – so avoid placing them in an enclosed shelf and cupboard space.

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