View Full Version : 32PFL3406H/58 no HD Channes

01-03-2012, 11:59 AM

i've bought this tv yesterday and until now i simply can't get it to work on HD Chan.
i've set first time the country setting to ""others"" than ""finland"" i've searched on antena and on cable too....still nothing...i recive only the analog channels.
i've searched on Checz to and found somthing like 79 digital and 69 analog channels...everything ok until i've tried to watch them.....and surprise NOTHING.......those channels i try to find are free on air...because i do have another tv from another brand and that finds 8 HD channels(with setting put on ""others"" country.
i am from Bucharest-Romania...
does this firmware upde solve this problem?....32pfl3406h_58_fus_ron
shoud i take this tv back to the shop and ask for another(brand).....or is there any solution to this problem

best regards

01-03-2012, 06:44 PM
no more problems...i've replace the tv with a s***ung today....and NO MORE PROBLEMS...i recive everything...and also usb device works fine and it's not formatted as fat32....is ntfs....so i lill a bit of shame to PH