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01-07-2012, 10:46 AM

Because I wanted the best picture possible, and, after a bad experience with another brand, no hassle whatsoever, I bought the most expensive model. However, the picture quality is not always as I think it should be.

In HD scenes that contain contrasting patterns that are part white (stripes, but also pebble beaches or black hair of which some hairs shine) the picture flickers badly. The white parts of the pattern go on and off. It is as if the TV cannot decide whether they should be white/bright or not.

I did a search and came up with this post:

And a similar problem seems to be described here:

They seem not to describe the exact, but still similar, problems.

I contacted Philips, but the guy who came by admitted that it looks odd, and that his own, cheaper non-Philips TV does not do it, but that the flickering is normal for this TV.

"I don't know how to repair it, therefore it is not a defect", he said - amazing logic...

Indeed, they brought another TV that showed the same symptoms. But bear in mind that they are a repair outfit and that a TV in their possession is likely to have issues.

My question: is it true that Philips' top model cannot properly display white/bright parts of patterns in HD scenes, but flickers?

Oh, and yes, I updated to the latest firmware.

01-07-2012, 11:02 AM

can you post images of your problem?


01-08-2012, 11:49 AM
"I don't know how to repair it, therefore it is not a defect", he said - amazing logic...:rolleyes:

Oh, and yes, I updated to the latest firmware.That might have been one of the mistakes... :p (Sorry Philips!)

But seriously, I have seen a similar behavior. In my case however, it was because of an inferior SD signal.
With proper HD sources I haven't seen this yet, so my first questions would be:

how are your settings and especially the Sharpness?... For HD this can best be set to 0.

And just out of curiosity, could you maybe take a look at these two threads of mine and give your results:



In theory that "Super Resolution" setting could have an effect on your problem, if it's on. So maybe that could be an indication that it actually is on, so... I'm curious to hear from you.