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01-09-2012, 03:38 PM
CES 2012 requires, Nuance has announced the availability of Dragon TV, the first platform speech and natural language understanding and therefore dedicated to TV operators, equipment manufacturers, TV providers, devices and other decoders. Powered by the voice recognition technology and natural language understanding of Nuance, the user will only have to pronounce the channel number, name, or the title of a program or film . It is even possible to search by voice actor and genre, while remaining connected to Twitter, Facebook or Skype. According to a study by Strategy Analytics, about 1.6 billion TV sets will be connected by 2014. However, traditional remotes are no longer sufficient to access the wide choice of channels and media options available. This is where Dragon TV is supposed to allow viewers to easily navigate content through speech technologies. Examples of statements: "Go to France 2 ' "What has he on M6 tonight at 21 hours? " "When Denisot password? " "Watching Dexter on the hard disk" "Finding comedy starring Dany Boon" "Send a message to Julie. The Event returns on Canal this weekend. Great! " "New Facebook status. You also expect the next season of Love is in the meadow? " "Call via Skype Nico" and instantly start a conversation Nuance Dragon TV is available now and is compatible with all major brands of TV, set top boxes and remote controls, as well as many application environments, including Linux, Android and iOS. Obviously, you need a camera (I speak especially for TV) compatible. when this is in the app philips tv?

Philips admin
02-09-2012, 01:33 PM
Sorry, we cannot reveal any new features of future TV models here, but if developpers and marketing find this interesting for our products, I'm sure they will start activity....