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01-12-2012, 12:56 PM

Every site i try to enter to browse seems very hard to navigate inside it since there is not mouse .

So i try all the time to go down / up , I was wondering do you have any better way that user can use your apps to :
1) Type - instead of using the Remote control / My philips app in Iphone .
2) Read & Navigate - while browsing how can i navigate , the current behavior is not user friendly and actually because of it ai don't browse anymore .

The Typing experience is bad and navigating inside pages is totally hard to do , any idea .

Second problem:

When i try to type with My Philips app , many letters are not identified for example use type C , he get somthing else or number he get sign .

The My Philips app with Typing does not work properly .

I was wondering do you have QA department , the Apps needs a lot of QA and the My Philips app is not supported in manyapps , for example ( Youtube and more... )


01-12-2012, 01:53 PM
2) Read & Navigate - while browsing how can i navigate , the current behavior is not user friendly and actually because of it ai don't browse anymore .

I fully agree, this is a real issue with the browser. Even when you use the zoom function, it is much more bad. You can only move the cursor from link to link, but if there is no link in a part of the website you can't navigate to that!

From my point of view, this is a disaster in usability!

My 2010 TV has the diamond control, where you have an inner ring and an outer ring. It could be so easy:

Use the inner ring for navigating between the links and use the outer ring to shift the page in each direction. Menus could be reached by P+,P-.
Use the inner ring to shift the page in each direction and use the left/right of the outer ring to go from link to link on the visible part of the website. Up/Down could still be used for other functions.
Use the inner ring for shifting the page and select the visible links with the P+,P- buttons.

I would prefer second point. But others are also much better for the usability as current implementation.
I have read somewhere, that the newest remotes do not have that diamond anymore. I can not understand that, this is a so powerful thing on the remote, if you make really use of it in the software. If users were complaining about it, I'm sure, they complained, while it was not really used in a good way with their TV.

This would be quite intuitive ...

I would also add an menu entry "back to internet start page" as the very first entry of the outer ring down menu.

It could be so good and easy to use (real sense and simplicity), if just changing a little the keyboard mapping...

01-12-2012, 02:01 PM
Man , i can not navigate , it is bad behavior , i don't know where is the link now , i need to keep searching where is highlighted, in pages that are full of text , it is nightmare.

Therefore , i stopped using it nor browsing via the TV .

Lets not talk about Login in Facebook or Gmail , i don't know if i am putting the right/ wrong password . the key are not accurate .

This is so imbarssing that large company as this release devices with low QA on their apps .