View Full Version : USB recording using DVB-EPG or timer

01-17-2012, 08:38 AM
"Today, in the 2011 "Smart TV:s", you need the IP-EPG for the simple task of schedule a recording. For this you need a router and in some cases a USB-hub in addition to a HDD, and you also need to install all these items. This seems unnecesserily complicated and expensive, when the DVB-EPG seems to be working fine for a lot of people using digital boxes etc. It ́s also noted that even IP-EPG is not always reliable, or even supported in some of the countries where DVB-EPG is working fine. Recording set by timer would of course not need any EPG at all...

For the 2011 "Smart TV:s" to become really smart, i vote for a firmware upgrade with added option to use DVB-EPG to schedule a recording, and also a timer function to be implemented. This would make it much simpler to use the function, and in my honest opinion: it ́s the only sensible thing to do..."



01-24-2012, 09:33 PM
I totally agree, but I am afraid that nobody from Philips is reading our opinions. This tvtv ip-epg is a peace of shit. Philips has hired the most stupid programers and product managers that can be found on this planet.

This EPG never works when you need it in addition it cannot manage the harddisk at all. I always loose my recordings or it doesn't sees the harddisk.